Rutherford schools continued by former student


Rutherford schools, its school board and its principal administrators are named in a civil action brought by a former student who claims to have been forced to attend school alongside classmates who sexually assaulted her at school. from an off-campus evening in 2014.

According to the lawsuit, the district rejected the request of the student of the time to leave Rutherford High School and attend classes at home in order to avoid any contact with the students. alleged assailants and the harassment she allegedly suffered at the hands of her friends.

"We take very seriously what has happened to her and she still suffers," said her lawyer, Ari Jacobson.

The student, who has graduated since, has stopped attending classes as a result of refusals, says the trial and was threatened in turn by the district asking her to bring the case of her absenteeism in a juvenile court if she did not return.

The lawsuit amounts to a violation of constitutional rights against Superintendent Jack Hurley, Rutherford High School Principal Frank Morano, and the Board of Education.

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Hurley said on Friday that the board and principal had not received any notification of the complaint and so could not comment.

The district and its administrators are also accused of failing to establish a safe school environment free of "harassment, intimidation and intimidation".

The complainant, whose name appears in the civil complaint, was a high school student when she attended an unsupervised party at a Saddle Brook teenager, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff was drugged and sexually assaulted by his host and three teenagers from East Rutherford and Rutherford. The prosecution also alleges that the four teenagers photographed the actions.

According to the trial, the photographs taken during the alleged attack were shared online and by SMS. The incident was "widely known to the school," according to the document.

The complainant reported the alleged attack and the four accused were charged with sexual assault. The four plaintiffs pleaded guilty to reduced charges and "some" returned to Rutherford High School in September with the plaintiff.

The details of the criminal charges, pleas and sentence are sealed because the four co-defendants were minors at the time of the incident and that the case was treated by a juvenile court.

"Well, tell him, I imagine that she would like to be able to seal those experiences too," Jacobson said.

The complaint says that one of the four was charged as an adult, but court administrators said that as a co-defendant, his records would be sealed with the other three.

The parents of the alleged assailants are also named in the lawsuit and charged with negligent supervision.