Senator Square: Carson senior officers prepare seniors at university


Decided where to go to college right now? Filled all applications? Was accepted? Now what? As if that were not difficult enough, now is the time to think about moving, what to take, what not to take, whether or not it is better to live in the dormitories or to have an apartment. And then there is the most difficult question of all: refrigeration? College life is scary at first. Want tips and advice to ease the transition? Come and find the answers with "Real College Life: Through the Eyes of Former CHS Graduates" on January 17 in the CHS Library starting at 5:30 pm. This fun and informative evening is sponsored by the CHS PTSA, and … wait for it … includes refreshments. This is an excellent opportunity to speak to current students, those with a special experience of what awaits them. In addition, members of the National Honors Society can earn points for their participation in this event. Once former CHS graduates have finished answering questions, it will be time to look for extra free money in Senator Scholarship Scoop, online at Of course, he is there every Monday with the latest news about scholarships, tests, university visits and scholarships, but procrastination will not generate scholarships for anyone. The graduation will take place in 21 weeks, so do not ask what else to do. Need help completing Federal Student Aid applications? The CHS provides incredible help with this challenge too, so come get some practical tips on Wednesday after school in Room 257. College Connections will guide you to applications for admission to universities, scholarship applications and to help students apply to the FAFSA program because it is not too much. late to accomplish these tasks. In fact, a UNR representative will be at the SHC on January 15th at 1:15 pm in the Tech Center's boardroom, so stop by the CHS's office to get a free ticket. pass and let them know where and what transcript the college should be. sent. Finally, and it's something important to think about, Arnold Schwarzenegger said: "I'll be back!" no "I'll be back … later." The Terminator was not a procrastinator.


The CHS Jazz Ensemble, led by William Zabelsky, teacher and group director, had the honor of playing for the inauguration of Governor Steve Sisolak at the Nevada Capitol Building on January 7 at 9:15 am.


Administrators and teachers participated in the Social and Emotional Learning Committee directive entitled "Mob the Halls and Dress for Success" on January 10 at 7 am and throughout the day. Mob the Halls began in the morning with a warm welcome from CHS students, who arrived at school with fabulous smiles, bumps in their fists and high fives. Afterwards, many students and staff participated throughout the day in the monthly Dress for Success Challenge. Extraordinary participants put on appropriate clothing for their careers to show themselves and to look impressive because modeling is a means to acquire positive or negative behavior. Anyone who wanted to, then nominated students and their colleagues for the chance to win a Dutch Bros Gift Card. or Starbucks. Photos were taken and the best rural high school in Nevada has a good time. The Dress for Success Challenge results are in the second year, Owen Carlson, for the best dressed student, and Lynette Gardner, for the best staff. The winners are posted on Senator Square's announcement screens and received their gift card on January 11th.


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The Monday of the makers at the CHSenators Library is an opportunity for students to comfort themselves. Most of them slept every day during the holidays, so help them get back to the discussion, they are asked to come to the library. at lunch and be creative. The activity of January 7 was "alcohol tiles", which made it a colorful Monday at the library. According to Albert Einstein, "creativity is intelligence that amuses". Personal care, social-emotional learning, emotional intelligence are buzzwords of education rooted in the need to connect as human beings. When Bobbi Westphall, a volunteer at a local school, offered her creative energy to associate with the CHS library, the idea of ​​Maker Monday was born. Students and staff are invited to visit the library on Monday noon to create, connect and practice personal care. Westphall provided materials and advice for workshops on jewelry and alcohol / ink tiles. When asked why she would give time and material for this, she replied, "I like that, and I want others to have fun while having fun while being creative. " Holly Kuhlmann, another volunteer, will lead crochet and knitting workshops in the future. Students asked to beat boxes and build birdhouses. Librarian Ananda Campbell is looking for local volunteers to run workshops at lunchtime. The answer to Maker Monday was positive. Heaven Guillemin, a grade 9 student, created a tile collage and said, "I love colors; I like the options and I can do something fast." Jana Matthews, a grade 10 student, said, "I love it." Matthews added, "It helps me relax and communicate with others, and I do not like being on a screen and challenging my creative side." A group of students, who usually eat lunch together, stopped to create tiles of ink. Brian Lopez, Juliana Diaz, Dani Diaz and Mario Diaz said, "It makes us feel better, we do not usually do art, but I like that, and it's a good way to have lunch. … rather cold. " The CHSenators Library is a great place to learn, to be and to be. For more information on this topic, please contact Ananda Campbell, Library Media Specialist, CCSD Library Coordinator, at 775-283-1641, or by email at chsenatorslibrary.weebly .com.


The Fellowship of Athletes wishes to thank Carson City for the success with which it has sold all of its Christmas trees. Tim Plummer, FCA Regional Manager and Pastor, said, "The lot of trees went very well, we sold all our trees and were blessed by all the young people from many schools and churches. different who helped to serve. " Plummer also said, "We have been able to help families in need of six different schools this year, and the remaining money will be used to support our Huddles FCA at CHS, CMS, DHS, CVMS and to create new Huddles in around". Ty McMillen, CHS Advisor, is still working to promote student unity and support. Ty McMillen, Charles Mann, Joe Clark, Nate Girdner and Phil Brady, teachers and counselors, and Kurt Katzorke, youth pastor at Hilltop Community Church, are among the leaders of CHS FCA.


Seniors, miss the most important photo of your career in high school? On January 15th, there will be a last photo shoot for seniors at the CHS Spin Room. Register on and


The deadline has been extended for the Carson City Health & Human Services Art Competition. Do not forget that they are renovating their clinic and need student art work. The competition will award prizes to the first three and their work will be displayed in the new clinic. The theme is "Carson City Winter", and any art form is acceptable to the extent that it is able to hang on the wall, does not exceed 20 "x 20", contains the full name of the Artist and the address of his home on the back and is presented to Ms. Gustafson in Room 206 before January 25.


It is now time to consider volunteering as a member of the CHS Security Graduate Committee for the years 2018-2019. Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month at Remax Realty, 716 North Carson Street, 2nd floor. Contact Wendy Yang, CHS graduate secretary, at 720-6160, with President Kyra Hinton at 434-760-0635 or by email. for more details. The upcoming Safe Grad fundraising event will take place on February 9, the CHS 5K Run / Walk, and the runner's request is at Safe Grad is also looking for sponsors and donations to the draw. Contact the Social Media Advertising Coordinator, Nubia Leon.


Registrations for spring sports for baseball, softball, athletics, swimming and golf for boys and girls will run until February 19. Students must download the appropriate forms: Form B A NIAA pre-attendance history form is required once per school year, Form D A physical assessment prior to participation is required every two years and a body map of the student is also required to participate in a sport. Any questions or help are available at the Sports Office at 283-1601.


Want to know more about applications and college scholarships? A workshop is currently being held at CHS in Room 257 to help students prepare their applications. In addition, the Senator Scholarship Scoop is online at Click on "Academics", then on "Counseling Department" and on "The Scoop" on the left. Seniors, do not wait to talk to a college representative about the options available. In fact, a representative of UNR will be at the CHS on January 15th at 1:15 pm in the Tech Center's conference room. Seniors, stop at the CHS information office and tell them where and what transcript the colleges should be sent to.


The Winterfest is almost here and the management class decided that the theme would be Winterflix and a meeting will be held on January 14 at the cafeteria on the floor at 1:15 pm. for all concerned. The Student Council is organizing a day of decoration for the week of the 2019 Winter Festival. The time spent counts for the hours or minutes of volunteering devoted to NHS students. The CHS 2019 Winter Week will begin February 3rd with an assembly and February 7th will be the first day of dressing. There will be day activities and night activities all week. Questions? Well, there is a lot more to come. Email Leadership Advisor Ann Britt


The CHS Sports Department Weekly Athletes from January 7-11 are Trinity Beard for the Varsity Basketball Girls and David Remer for the Varsity Wrestling Boys. These athletes and all students who participate in school activities through management, clubs and sports deserve a high level of recognition and congratulations.


The student of the week is Marissa Messmann, a sophomore. She is currently enrolled in Honors History, with specialization in Algebra II, with specialization in English II and Honors Chemistry, as well as Engineering, Theater and Spanish II. In addition to these specialization courses, Marissa has somehow found the time to participate in countless school activities, including Wednesday Night Live, a humorous skit presented by the school's theater department, a launcher and record player in Track and Field, and member of the National Honor Society. Marissa, a very charismatic, intelligent and super athletic girl, always finds a way to make her classmates and teachers laugh in any setting. She said, "For me, finding humor in any situation has always been like I like life, sometimes easier than others; let's take Mr. Brady by example, this man asks to be fucked up with laughter, and to make people laugh makes that feel good, even at Mr. Brady's expense. "


Angel Chavez is the head of Pioneer High School for the month of January. Angel has been attending PHS since his freshman year and follows a family tradition of graduates of the Pioneer High program; his cousin and his three brothers and sisters went to Pioneer. Watching the success of his brothers with early graduation and participation in the JumpStart program is what drew him to school. During his years at Pioneer, Angel participated in many extracurricular activities and enrolled in a number of additional courses to broaden his horizons. He enjoyed skiing, climbing, health sciences, guitar, attending a HOSA event, works on the yearbook, cutting-edge art and theater. In June, Angel will graduate with 30 credits, well beyond the required 24.5. Angel has lived in Carson City since 2007, so he spent most of his education in the Carson City School District. He is passionate about cars, especially mini-trucks. He likes to modify and personalize them. Angel also volunteered at the Classy Seconds bargain shop, folded the clothes and cleaned up. He has worked at Jack-in-the-Box, in landscaping and painting, and currently works in Qdoba. After finishing high school, Angel plans to paint homes with his father and attend WNC. He would like to pursue a career as an emergency medical technician or in the field of criminal justice. He also wants to travel, with Japan and Germany leading the list. Angel enjoys his time at Pioneer and says, "Thanks to all the staff for helping me succeed."

Phil Brady is an English professor at CHS.