Nixa School District Proposes Increase in Taxes on April Vote


NIXA, Mo. – The Nixa School Board has approved two bond issues for the poll in April.

Question 1 does not result in any tax increase, but would pay for various projects. The second question would increase property taxes by more than $ 75 a year for a $ 100,000 dwelling.

The money from the tax would be used to repair the roofs, reshape the Eagle Stadium at Nixa High School, increase teachers' salaries, and so on.

Dr. Gearl Loden, superintendent, said, "They do not realize that this high school is already 18, as if you had a house, after about 20 years, you start looking at things that are not so nice."

Regarding teacher salaries, Dr. Loden said, "The starting salary is in the range of $ 36,000 and we are trying to make sure that the starting salary would be about $ 37,000. $ 000, which would be more in line with our region. "

Cheyenne Perryman has been living in Nixa for 13 years. She is the mother of 5 children. She says she moved to Nixa specifically for the schools.

Perryman currently has four children in the district, from the fifth to the last year. She also has a child who graduated from Nixa High School in 2015.

And even though Perryman has five children to pay, she is not afraid to pay the increased fee for their schools. "I understand people say I do not have children, so it does not really matter, but it concerns us all, these children work in our community, they pay taxes in our community."

Chris Russel, executive director of the Nixa Chamber of Commerce, said: "Obviously, there are a lot of people in this community, which sometimes adds an extra tax can be a bit of a burden, there are a lot of things that pull our disposable income in different directions and if we do not continue to invest in our public school system and in our schools, this is a bigger challenge that we will have to face later. "