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Foreign student admissions to Cambridge University

The admission of foreign students and others at the University of Cambridge, Please see for the context and further films.

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  • And you sound like another silly American with a chip on your shoulder telling the world how to run things. We are equal only under the law. Some are smarter, or more creative, or more focused and goal-oriented, and some are more articulate. Society rewards accomplishment. I got to the elite because of merit. You, sir, live in a country where most citizens cannot find their nation on a map or point to where they are at war. Perhaps a bit more aspiration to the elite is in order.

  • Only two of the five 2009 US Nobel winners were US educated.Looking back, the pattern is the same! Foreign-educated people win US prizes! Arrogance is your counter elitism. Amerika Über Alles, eh? Your country is 37th in infant mortality, 17th in democracy, 13th in quality of life, and 97th on the global peace index, 37th in life expectancy.. and on and on. Intellectual productivity? With 305 million people, your universities are packed with foreign researchers! Care for a grape?

  • There is no question the USA has been a technology powerhouse, but mostly due to business practices and internal market size and not intellectual superiority.

    America is just another country and Americans are just another people. Maybe Americans are more fortunate in some ways. But claiming superiority by Nobel credits when a majority of US prize winners are foreign-educated is, well, not quite right.

    Kindness, humility, and truth are a good mix, I'm sure you'll agree.

  • My house is more expensive, so I must be better. You seem to think that British institutions are non-productive and not too interested in more than generating status. I have to wonder if you have ever been to Britain, let alone lived overseas, and if you have any notion of the huge contribution of British Universities to the growth of intellectual richness the world embraces now. (It was Cambridge science that discovered the DNA principles you use for your hydroxylödeprived on-line name.)

  • Americans seem immune or dismissive to the accomplishment of other people if it challenges the Americas Best! claim. You have switched from Nobel prizes to levels of financial endowment to prove your point. If we contrast the geography and populations of the US (305 million and 9,372,610 km²) and Europe (486 million and 4,422,773 km²) and add up all the universities and you will find your endowment argument to be greatly deflated.

  • Let´s keep the door on global disarray less wide open. The US history with American Indians and imperialism in the Philippines, Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, Panama and forced on ther peoples, hanging on to slavery, and completely baseless wars with Spain, Mexico, China, Vietnam, and Iraq are not worth a contrast. All the now-powerful industrial nations practiced imperialism, all to historical products of questionable value. All powerful nations abuse both power and democracy. Your point is…?

  • Well, as productive conversations go, this went. I suppose the introduction line of "elitist prick" and "In terms of intellectual productivity, we are second to none" did get a bit transpherincteral for me. Britain's "sorid" history seems to be going on with the Commonwealth of Nations and regard for our institutions and HM The Queen. You cannot contrast the US and its size and economy with the UK in an unadjusted way to claim American superiority. You are not superior.

    A good bit of banter.

  • Cambridge does have a huge amount of material open to the public. My point was there was no obligation for this to be the case and criticism of the university for not meeting someone's personal interests was not valid. The university is a private organisation and has no mandate for public education. Its only educational obligation is to the students who pay the fees and qualify for admission. That is a fact. And for that you brand me as an elitist prick.

  • Cambridge is not an academic free-range for anyone and everyone, qualified or not, to expect participation. Academia is a collection of scholarly people, not just the curious. Evidently, by your lights, anyone should be able to join in an Olympic training without bothering to qualify, just because they are curious. I never said that only the elite get to have access to ideas. That is silly. I said Cambridge has educational obligations only to its students who qualify. All else is generosity.

  • The difference between the US and UK "ownership" of a university is inconsistent with terms like private and public. Indeed, Cambridge is not private as in the sense of an independent corporation. But it is private in the sense that the government does not hold a governance role in the university management as is the case with public universities in the US.

  • @RanpatMcMurphy lol, have you seen HND syllabuses? They are terrible- the qualification is much too vocational to be of use for entry into higher education. On the other hand, A-levels are ideal because they are much more abstract and academic, although they could be made harder to better differentiate between the brightest candidates.

  • WARNING TO ALL STUDENTS: Dr. Vincent McKee,who used to run a company in Coventry offering private tuition,called ICUT (UK),has now changed the name of the company to University and Academy Tutors,or UAT (GB). DO NOT approach ICUT/UAT for your tutorial needs. Dr. Vincent McKee was outed as a FRAUDSTER by Sky News in January 2011.As a result, McKee has changed his company's name and HIS OWN NAME : he now calls himself Patrick Murray,and he is STILL DEFRAUDING STUDENTS.Just Google his name!

  • Update: Dr. Vincent McKee (a.k.a. Patrick Murray) now calls himself "Patrick Kelly." This further change in name happened because Sky News AGAIN exposed him in March 2011 as a fraudster and let it be known that he went by the name of Patrick Murphy.Do NOT approach University and Academy Tutors (UAT) based in Jesson House, Coventry.If you pass on your credit/debit card details to UAT, your money WILL BE STOLEN.Neither Coventry Police nor Coventry Trading Standards can prosecute him.

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