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Leading mathematics specialists lead seminars for teachers.

University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is hosting two seminars for teachers entitled ‘Enhancing Maths Education’. Mathematics specialists Charlie Gilderdale and Lynne McClure will meet with local teachers at St Josephs College, Darjeeling, on Monday 19 May, and The Heritage School, Kolkata, on Wednesday 21 May, to explore ideas and strategies that will actively challenge students to think mathematically.

Discussions at the seminars will focus on how to engage students to think analytically, and to encourage the freedom to push the boundaries of their knowledge by exploring maths in more depth. Charlie Gilderdale and Lynne McClure are renowned in the field of mathematics, with years of combined teaching and training experience. They are both team members of the University of Cambridge NRICH project, which was designed to enrich mathematical study so that all students have the opportunity to explore, engage with and communicate mathematical ideas.

Charlie Gilderdale explains: “Focusing on problem solving creates opportunities for learning mathematics through exploration and discussion. This approach means teachers can help students to develop valuable skills of working systemically, analysing, generalising, explaining, justifying and proving, all of which are highly transferable to real-world scenarios.”

Ian Chambers, CIE Regional Manager India, said: “We are looking forward to the seminar as an opportunity to discuss ideas on best teaching practice, and to gain insights from teachers on activities that truly inspire students.”

CIE holds more than 16,000 training and professional development days a year, providing more than 6,500 teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to enable students to succeed. CIE recruits the leading experts in the relevant field to ensure that its professional development courses are current and relevant to delegates.

Lynne McClure comments: “It is my passion to persuade and encourage pupils and teachers alike that maths is a fascinating subject for all ages and abilities. I am looking forward to visiting India to share knowledge and discuss new approaches to making maths more engaging for students.”


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