Harvard Fight Song

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40 thoughts on “Harvard Fight Song

  1. DorothyOfOzManhwa

    I'm a desendent of John Harvards brother because John did not have any childern because he died before he got the chance plus there wasn't much doctors could do to help a sick person/ a dieing person back then. I bet he was a great person to be around. I would love to meet him one day and some day I wil in HEAVEN.

  2. DorothyOfOzManhwa

    Hi guys! Sorry about my spelling I forgot to use spell check. I'm not a good speller because that's not my strong point. I'm also sorry that I seem mad or defensive. I'm a happy person that's laid back and down to earth kind of guy.

    I'm from G.A. and I love this state! It's great down here in the south!

  3. bmotx

    This is true. Ernst Hanfstaengl composed the transference. Read about it in The Definitive Biography of Adolf Hitler by John Toland. Awesome book…


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