Student-centred approach to drive school education says University of Cambridge International Examinations


Mumbai, November 21st (Friday): University of Cambridge International Examinations today continued discussion of another interesting concept for young learners. ‘Student-centred education’, as it is referred to, is an initiative that makes learning more effective and focused.

Discussing the concept at a conference organized by University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), Ms. Sue Swaffield, a Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, said: ‘In recent years, the focus has shifted to the process of learning. Student-centred education has learner activity, and responsibility, at its heart. This is in contrast to the stronger emphasis on teacher control and of covering content found in more conventional teaching practice.’

At the conference Ms. Swaffield discussed the benefits and challenges of placing the student at the centre of learning and teaching. She presented insights from recent research on assessment for learning, and went on to consider the implications for teachers, school leaders, and inter-school networking.

The concept of student-centred education has been widely discussed by teachers in India, and around the world, and is now being used in a growing number of schools. CIE gives teachers of the Cambridge International Curriculum access to effective teaching and learning strategies. Many of these focus on facilitating independent learning by students who find themselves in large groups.

Discussing the relevance of the new concept in modern age learning, Mr. Ian Chambers, Regional Manager, South Asia, CIE, said: ‘It is important to encourage the development of the characteristics required in quality life-long learning – motivation, self-evaluation, peer-assessment, time management, etc. But to achieve this, educators need to concentrate on the student rather than the teacher. Assessment for learning means that teachers require an understanding of students’ prior knowledge and understanding, as well as effective ways of monitoring the quality of their learning as it happens.’

The student-centred approach was well appreciated by teachers and trainers alike who attended the conference. Ms. Vandana Lulla, Director, Podar World School, said: ‘We are very thankful for this seminar from CIE and hope that all schools will imbibe this message so that learning can be made both effective and fun.’

About CIE

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