Understanding Blindness and the Brain (Brian Wandell, Stanford University)

Professor Brian Wandell tells the inspirational story of Mike May, the world-record holder for blind downhill skiing. Wandell leads a multidisciplinary team of Stanford researchers who are working together to treat the many dimensions of blindness: retinal imaging, neural connections, and social psychology.

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Stanford University:

Stanford University

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7 thoughts on “Understanding Blindness and the Brain (Brian Wandell, Stanford University)

  1. Tama Filipas

    What a great overview of Mike's situation. My bookgroup is discussing Crashing Through today and this was a great supplement–I'll share it with them. Thank you so much.

  2. binglemarie42

    What a fantastic educator! I am taking a neuropsychology class right now, and I was transfixed (we were just tested on the occipital lobe). Thank you for posting this and for being such a caring, thinking person.

  3. Lauren Craft

    @AutumnTeaLeaves i am intriged by the brain. the top schools for psycology is Harvard, yale, or stanford. so im applying to all 3 of these. (im only a freshman) x) but i wanna get started now with my college route 🙂


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