24 thoughts on “Undergraduate Admission Stanford University

  1. Kitley197

    Does anyone know if you can get into stanford on grades and test scores alone? or do you have to do a lot of extra curiculars?
    Also how many years of foriegn language do you need to get in?

  2. sharey125

    You need to be an all around student. so high GPA, a lot of community service, clubs, leadership and a sport/talent. Typically all colleges require 2 or more years of the same foreign language. 

  3. Kitley197

    K.. so i have 2 years of spanish.. and will take a 3rd this summer, i also play golf and am in fbla… would this be enough considering i have 9 years science 4 years of math and a college class done as well? i also have 4 years of the other criteria just to long to list. but would this make up for only two years of spanish?

  4. superaqua

    You need to be a well-rounded student. You have to prove that you're more than just book smarts. You have to show that you have a passion for learning and that you are a creative, unique individual.

  5. LaCaliffaEnnio

    Yeah, and only 3% of those students will go on to become movers and shakers and leaders in the nation & world. Only a very small % will become famous. A school doesn't make you. It can only give you tools to become successful. The real world after graduation will hit you in the face like a blazing fire. The truth is you're facing a very unstable & uncertain future, and most of the Stanford grads will have to rely on driving taxi cabs, putting their pipe dreams on hold. 

  6. LaCaliffaEnnio

    When anything seems too good to be true, it isn't true. To strike it huge in life, you must become an entrepreneur. The truth is that most people who make it big in life are part of a powerful good ol' boy network, and Harvard has the most powerful network. Otherwise, you must make your own way, and that's via entrepreneurship. In fact, Stanford isn't even among the top 10 most powerful alumni networks in the nation. The top Ivies, MIT, Texas, Texas A&M, Michigan, & NW are the most powerful.

  7. camellane33

    The "genius" Stanford students will probably argue that data at Payscale is valid, Too bad that all the salary data at Payscale is self-reported. Yes, people intentionally lie for one reason or the other. Yes, I believe Stanford engineering students start out at hi-tech companies with relatively higher average salaries than most other graduates. However, beyond that, self-reported data is never reliable. Yes, people lie on the internet. They lie a lot. Payscale data is not valid.


    Oh that guy Kelvin Wong is from Santa Ana, that is where I'm from. Hopefully I have a chance. It isn't the greatest or safest place but if he made it out, so can I.


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