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Cosmology | Lecture 1

Lecture 1 of Leonard Susskind’s Modern Physics concentrating on Cosmology. Recorded January 13, 2009 at Stanford University.

This Stanford Continuing Studies course is the fifth of a six-quarter sequence of classes exploring the essential theoretical foundations of modern physics. The topics covered in this course focus on classical mechanics. Leonard Susskind is the Felix Bloch Professor of Physics at Stanford University.

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  • Is the redshift an indication that the galaxies are moving away from us?
    I thought that Halton Arp as well as Fred Hoyle have shown that the amount of redshift  does not indicate  necessarily a measure of distance.
    Anyone knows more about this controversy ?

  • You are just putting a petitio principii…
    Not mere physics explain the explanatory explanans is not the very explanandi.
    Me as a philosopher do not believe that science could materialistically disentangle the untangleable.
    Can we ever grasp and not to mention understand and disclose the very truth and veracity of the hypokaimenon the given sub stantia.
    What if all formulae are nothingbuttisms of experimental empiricist mechanisticians treading in the very turf of leibnizens mill without even u

  • Understanding the gist of the matter.
    Semantics and software.haha.
    It is simply positivistic measurements for measures sake.
    So infer on man which is the microscopic micro or nanokosmos whilst the big picture is laid out on our very eyes being the big living being which plato had claimed and postulated being female.
    Fuck all physics lest quantum philosophical considerations on how out of scratch the whole transitiin from potens to actus could had been carries out by the primal unmoved mover.

  • Us purus and scolasticalky postulated in the very schools ens realissimum.
    Fuck all academic wishiwashiphilosophy.
    Hence infer into bitbol or other interesting philosophercosmologists or non reductive realists even idealists could help us out of this tohuwabuhou of scientifistic science being in awe awestruck and admiring darwin freud and other gurus and guttural blablautterers of olden phantasmagoria of science.
    See renaissance and alandalus certainly eastern contextual thought and wisdom syste

  • Ms as dilthey called or coined them.
    Weltanschauung und weltweisheit as thomasius had long before named it being a freemason of real and vraisemblable enligthenment les lumieres avant la lettre.
    Sic luceat lux.

  • I just wonder, as scientists, should they be interested in the origin of the Universe? We are all used to causality principle, why in a matter of such importance for humanity are we simply told that everything came out of a tiny spec of energy/matter (is anyone going to clarify this for us ?) and we have to believe it. There is no proof, it's an assumption.

  • “What if truth itself is non-all, affected by the real-impossible of an erreducible antagonism? However, does Deleuze also not follow this path?”.. ŽIZEK, Slavoj – Organs Without Bodies on Deleuze and Consequences –  THe blind spot:  There is  a Non – LInear Geometry Topology and Events are in and out of Caos in the Horizons of it, so the consequences, are the limits (of truth) our Mind, but not in Ramanujan's Topology, so to speak.

  • Alot of you have been asking questions i feel are simply explaind bye dr. David butler in his "how far away is it" a must see on youtube for any1 with interest in cosmology

  • Ion Murgu Condition of Uniform Travel and Phytagorean Triples
    Will born a new Era of hard wok onto Physics, Math, and Chemystry.
    Don't be scared that Into the Era of Super symmetry it is coming with a little bit asymmetry because this small asymmetry was or chance to time, to existence.
    I hope nobody was scaring you to make it public, because is important for Science and our History of Science and Academic Truth must to go with it's truth:
     In the name of The Science and Academic Truth  publish it.
     Science is a Saint Domenium.
     You can't to stole any ideeas from nobody there because the Scince will folow you into a wrong direction.
     Physics, and Physicist
     Here is our new base.
     I let it for all to begin to work for next generation of Physics.
     From here we can go to the multidimmensions to perceptions of times but with care.
     You Want the Comples calculus there, our Complex calculus is a helper but don't forgot we have any symmetry there and can to blind us into heavy layers, then we can use it only onto any domenium but for reality we must to go back to the base and here is the base.
     Ion Murgu Condition of Uniform Travel and Phytagorean Triples.
     Ptriples are reflections into Euclidian but any time is good to see it too.
     Go here and let your mind to get it, and after thinking a time go back
     See how Ion Murgu Condition of Uniform Travel And Phytagorean Triples can to explain
     Comets rotation
     Planets rotation
     and a lot more.

  • I have to ask a question similar to Nassim Harameins question about who is blowing in the balloon with the glued on pennies printed in many physic books.
    I ask who the heck are these two giants pulling on this rubber band? Gee Louise, can't this subject be taught in a simpler
    with less imaginary giants and equations? Like right from the start, we have galaxies that you say we will pretend they are in a straight line–put them at an equal distance apart. And then you say , but they are not equal. But you say for ease of your explanation you will draw them at same distance.Well why not teach the correct distance right from the start?
    I was hoping I might see some explaining of Phi and Pi in this video of geometry. But could not get past the first few—
    Let's Suppose statements.

  • How the universe work's THe frame work of a galaxy is anchored by it's star power one hundred billion points of lights strong dependent on storm raging flames producing and distrubitng premium electronic connection from one star to another monitoring motion and spacing of it's three major motion. Motion one, the rapid falling motion of a galaxy through space with it's trillion members all electronicly locked in allowing them to fall at the same speed as one object. Motion two, even though a star fall's at the same speed of it's galaxy it's orbit is much slower than that of it's galaxy's rapid falling motion through space. This is because a star orbit and speed is electronicly tailored to fit the size of it's universe for a very specific reason, which is, all star carrie's it's universe with sunlight energy / electronic connection taking total package with no object's left behind not even a spect of dirt or a wandering atom. A star universe is liken to a energy bubble keep's everything locked in. Motion three , a star universe need not be connected to it's greater galaxy, it's already being carried by it's host star with sunlight energy enabling planetary orbit's and speed of one and all depending on it's distance from the sun. Easy work on a star, absolutely no sweat as all object's in space are weightless leaving it's electronic connection to perform at it's highest level without any flaw's. For visible proof of planet's in orbit powered by sunlight energy visit YOUTUBE SUNLIGHT ELECTRO RAY'S

  • In the begining was NOTHING, then it was a fluctuation of that NOTHING
    that turned into SOMETHING. That SOMETHING blewup and formed a bunch
    of energy, which formed into gas, which formed into matter. which
    then formed stars, which formed galaxies, and in galaxies  planets
    were formed.

  • This lecture is proved to be a great help for me even for my FUTURE although I'm 15 but this lecture and the basic concepts were so simplified that a 15 year old like me could comprehend about what's being taught so thanks a lot Professor…

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