A Tour of Princeton

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Energetic, young Hannah takes a Princeton Tour Company bike to experience the Princeton Region. Stops along her ride include the Princeton University Art Museum, The Bent Spoon and more! Video is courtesy of the New Jersey Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism. www.visitnj.org

30 thoughts on “A Tour of Princeton

  1. MrTech190

    What the hell, you would think this video would be sponsored by the university itself to give us the amazing 1080i detailed view of the place. I'm so disappointed. :(

  2. J L

    I would love to go to Princeton University but I don't wanna be racial profiled. I'm scared of that happening to me. I'm very smart, straight A student and it happens all the time. It happened when I went to visit Yale, Harvard and Brown. Only place it didn't was Howard ( ironic right ). I'm just afriad. Someone help me!

  3. clarity.

    In this case, you must prove to them that they're wrong. If someone says "Wow, he only got in because he was black, not because he was smart," PROVE that you deserve to be there (You don't need to of course, you could just ignore it, but if you wanted to change their way of thinking…)

    Start a project that will help the environment, school, and/or community. Get your peers involved and notify the school so that they can be involved as well.


  4. Kai Fan

    It's more like a shopping tour than a campus tour. Whatever, Princeton U is my dream school. I really want to study mathematics there. Considering applying to Princeton this fall.


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