UC Berkeley Mario Savio Free Speech Movement 45th Ann.

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An intervention during the depoliticized, sanitized commemoration of the 45th Anniversary of Mario Savios famous speech. “We will not permit the museumification of Berkeleys radical past, especially now, as we enter into a new cycle of struggle. The Free Speech Movement is not a way to sell coffee, nor is it a rhetorical sop the administration can use to pacify the existing movement.”


24 thoughts on “UC Berkeley Mario Savio Free Speech Movement 45th Ann.

  1. NINJAotogi

    seems like a bunch of people that didn't understand the speech to me. His speech was only a few and powerful words that simply represent doing something about what's happening yourself. Not some long speech that these people go on about "blah blah blah blah" and then "OUUUUUUUOUOUU" is all I hear like a bunch of frat punks.

  2. Matt Gonzalez

    just because that's not Mario Savio doesn't discredit this. it is stated clearly Mario Savio FSM 45th Ann. it's a speech given in commemoration of Savio's epic speech. Prof. Muller makes a great point, and if you had paid attention, you would understand the point was, as Mario Savio himself had advocated back in the 60's, Flux made that point as well. It isn't who is speaking, it's having the decency to let them speak. Without that, you'd be just as bad as those silencing your voice of protest.

  3. Roshby54


    Oof that is my mistake. I take full responsibility for that, however my comment still stands that free speech isn't just about chanting to give yourself the impression that you're standing for "your rights." It's about having the liberty to speak your mind and be heard, not just by one party (in this case the arrogant Berkeley students) but by all, despite how badly you might dislike them.

    Thanks for pointing that out though, I just learned something new =)

  4. ACguernica

    @vitorshaolin I'm coming across this in future time, but I read it as if it's new. I agree with you about the fight against unfair advancements due athletes. But then again, we're talking about a super melding machine which is at the heart of slavery. The University. Welcome to your illusion of freedom.

  5. Roshby54


    are you a redditor by chance?

    Also that is completely my bad on the incorrect name, I was just astounded at the idiots who thought they were truly exercising their freedom of speech while denying others their rights.

  6. Awesome Creeper 41

    What a damned shame, that there hasn't been a single comment posted on this video, which is arguably at least as meaningful & important as his original speech. When a young generation fights against their parents, achieves its goals, they call it progress, & they & their changes, like concrete, eventually set, becoming the status quo. When their children come of age & challenge the status quo—the fruit of their parents' labor—their parents become "The Man" & the process repeats itself.

  7. Dorothy Zink

    Free Speech is still a dream. Our government has even made it legal to detain you indefinitely without due process, strip search you for any infraction at all, if anyone feels like it. At least back then they had the decency to be ashamed and hide and deny that behavior..

  8. Daniel Savio

    To blame Mario for the lack of free speech today is ridiculous. The price of vigilance is eternal freedom. People have to keep up the fight.

    To blame him for lefties in the UC is also ridiculous. Lefties are in the UC because the UC is made of educated people. Educated people are more often lefties. It's basic math.

  9. TheGreatYukon

    I"m a tad confused, it sounds like he said we would have difficulty having a Nazi or even a republican on campus because of extremist liberals who also crush free speech, and then as soon as he said that people started shouting over him and saying "Well they don't believe in free speech".


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