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Solutions Seminar/Part II Richard Wolfson:”Understanding 350″

Solutions Series
Richard Wolfson
Understanding 350
University of Vermont
February 9, 2010

Richard Wolfson is Benjamin F. Wissler Professor of Physics at Middlebury College, where he also teaches environmental studies. He did undergraduate work at MIT and Swarthmore, double-majoring in physics and philosophy. He holds a master’s in environmental studies from the University of Michigan, and PhD in physics from Dartmouth. Current research solar physics and terrestrial climate change. Other published work encompasses medical physics, plasma physics, solar energy engineering, electronic circuit design, nuclear issues, observational astronomy, and theoretical astrophysics. His books Nuclear Choices: A Citizen’s Guide to Nuclear Technology (MIT Press, 1993) and Simply Einstein: Relativity Demystified (W.W. Norton, 2003), exemplify Wolfson’s interest in making science accessible to nonscientists. Textbooks include Physics for Scientists and Engineers (co-authored with Jay Pasachoff), Essential University Physics (Addison-Wesley, 2007), Energy, Environment, and Climate (W.W. Norton, 2008), and Essential College Physics (Addison-Wesley, 2010), coauthored with Andrew Rex. Wolfson has published in Scientific American and World Book Encyclopedia. He has produced three video courses for The Teaching Company: Einstein’s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Nonscientists (1999), Physics in Your Life (2004), and Earth’s Changing Climate (2007). Wolfson has spent sabbaticals at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado; at St. Andrews University in Scotland; and at Stanford University. In 2009 he was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

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