CO2 Offset, Red Meatless, Our Experiment, Our Story~ The Movie! A Harvard Ed Tech Project

Our Red Meatless CO2 offset digital story using the VoiceThread technology reflects a 21 st century, multidisciplinary Instructional Design approach to environmental management and multimedia, educational technologies.

This is a culminating product of my Harvard Extension School Educational Technologies Graduate Degree Capstone product. This product reflects my past, current and continued collegial Instructional Design, project initiative and implementation

The experiment asks students to not eat red meat during a certain period of time to offset the CO2 airline emissions of the Oceanic Societies eco tourism flights to remote areas.

We chose to offset red meat because the production of red meat creates the largest CO2 emissions to date–more than cars or coal plants.

The students, teachers and communities learned how to calculate CO2 emissions, about what CO2 is , what an offset is and how CO2 and their actions both affect and effect our global, natural environment.

This supports the two year collegial integration of a basic question, Is our Electronic Environment connected to our Natural Environment–our backyard and our often international, families and friends. Our informed actions.

We also used this project to empower students with the ability to understand and make informed decisions.

The project was created and designed in collaboration with the Charlestown, MA Warren Prescott Elementary School, (http//:, Matt Carter, Susan Cahalan, Nishi Andrea, the Harvard University Extension School Educational Technologies and Sustainability & Environmental Management departments. The Harvard University School of Public Health and the Harvard University Office for Sustainability the Oceanic Society, Wayne Sentman, Jenna Norwood.

This ongoing collegial project and it’s use of technology has since been used in Graduate degree courses at Harvard University and won two awards University wide awards for work toward Sustainability. Myself for an Individual Green Carpet and Quench for a Group Green Carpet Award.

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