(Trailer 2) Rethinking Islamic Reform: Hamza Yusuf & Tariq Ramadan

At 5pm BST on Sunday 22 August 2010, RethinkingIslamicReform.com will host the global release of its conference, delivered in Oxford’s world famous Sheldonian Theatre and Divinity School. The Rethinking Islamic Reform conference features two of the world’s foremost Muslim intellectuals as they provide unprecedented guidance in the ever polemical topic of reform in Islam.

Oxford University Islamic Society is honoured to have hosted Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson (Zaytuna Institute, USA) and Professor Tariq Ramadan (Oxford University, UK) to participate at this ground-breaking conference.

The conference addresses the phenomena of how, in the post 9/11 world, it has grown to be an axiomatic truth that Islam needs to reform. Whether it is Western policy-makers seeking to protect themselves from Muslim extremists, humanitarian activists fighting to liberate silenced Muslims, or Muslims themselves responding to new paradigms faced in the 21st century, all are agreed that something within Islam needs to change. The question though, is what, and perhaps more pertinently, how?

Our distinguished guest speakers are well placed to answer.

Invitations for this event extended to ministers, policy advisors, think tanks, journalists, theologians, scholars and other public figures with an interest in the field of Islamic Reform.

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