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How Indian MIT and IIT Graduates Have Shaped Computer History

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[Recorded July 15, 2010] In the last fifteen years the very names Bangalore and Silicon Valley have become evocative of the important connections between India and the United States in the global IT industry. Historian Ross Bassett argues that the linkages between the two countries are far older and deeper than is widely known. In the course of his research, he found that Indian graduates of MIT significantly influenced the creation of modern technological India. In the colonial period, a small group of Indians, including some associated with Gandhi, went to MIT as an anti-colonial act and as a way to develop technological capabilities for India. Indian graduates of MIT played a key role in the founding of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), and in the years after 1947, were central figures in the Indian steel industry, the atomic program, and the space program. The Indian IT industry today is to an astounding degree the product of Indian graduates of MIT. Since 1965, Indian graduates of MIT and graduates of IIT have also played an increasingly important role in American technology and computing.

Bassett’s research is based on numerous research trips to India and scores of interviews. For this project he created a database of every Indian graduate of MIT in the 20th century. Bassett has published articles on Indian graduates of MIT and on IIT Kanpur. His work was profiled in the Economic Times of India and he presented at the Godrej Lecture in Business History in Mumbai in October, 2009.

This lecture features Dr. Bassett and T.M. Ravi an IIT graduate, Silicon Valley businessman, and member of TIE discussing the roots of the Indian IT industry and its influence on the computing history.


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  • who cares? the fact remains IITians have contributed a lot with other great minds in the world. Go and whine somewhere else or better think what good you can do to world if you cant appreciate good done by others

  • The plight of IITians, they get educated on Indian Tax payers' money, they exit India the moment they graduate, grow to be filthy rich, years later they feel guilty that they robbed the hopes and dreams of their fellow Indians, so they make a video to claim all the hard work Indians in India saying "We did all of it, that's why India is progressing". Why don't you just go fuck your Lamborghini man.

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  • indian IT professionals have had a leading role to play in all of these…dont you know that,and sir we are not stealing obs,we are creating them ,indians have created a lot of jobs in the US ,please do ur own research and dnt get caught up in the hype

  • whats interesting is,we taught the world maths and science and then after british rule when most of indias glory was destroyed by them,we again didnt hesitate to take others help to build ourselves again.

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  • Please Note: The Graduates in Science & Technology…(10%) continue in a career
    in science & technology…(90%) enter into other fields i.e. business, finance, marketing etc..
    1. All the Computer engineers from India for one (1) company
    were brought to this country to work & to replace other workers because of their skills.
    2.The Computer engineering jobs lasted (8) years and they all returned home to India.
    3. No jobs were available even with their (8) year portfolio.

  • you need to understand how college admissions work. having a sibling that goes to harvard, and knowing numerous kids at the top schools, the last thing ANY college wants to see is a "student who stays all home studying". i guarantee you that these indians (and all students, for that matter) do not get accepted to harvard/stanford. the ones who get into harvard stanford are the ones described by the video

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  • I respect those indian dudes. Most of them don't come from well off families, which causes them to work hard to attain the future that they want. Therefore they try reallyhard in school, and get really involved in their studies, thats why they usually kick ass in engineering and math. Americans usually just want to make profit, instead of a good product.

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  • Look, I dunno about the "History" , but in the 21st Century, the biggest contribution an IITian has made to CS, is opening up . Indians today are devoid of a certain "aspiration", at least those Indians who NEED to have this quality. As a result, we are neither significant contributors to research nor entrepreneurship.

  • +ComputerHistory You state that there is an updated video, but both here and at the updated video you don't state the reason for the update. Why should I watch the new other video instead of this one? Why didn't you delete this old version?

  • I am a student of iit and i am disappointed to tell you that now iit's are not getting the same success it had during its peak time 20 years ago this is because the standard of iit students have gone down and also MNC's have stopped hiring indians for us jobs and the administration of us have also narrowed down the limit of migration for indians so that they do not overthrough them in startup success.

  • as i get from the lecture iit's were so successful for its initial stage because of the association of iit's with the us and foreign universities but now the state of iit's have degraded a lot because the foreign support have ended now.

  • This report proves how Indians have played a key role in shaping many fields of research in many areas from Maths to Computer History. Such success stories inspire budding engineers to achieve milestones in our field!

    Mohan Bajaj,
    Engineering student at Glocal University,
    U.P. (India)

  • I do not see any IITiand and IIMS did something for India. They are highly successful only in USA, they flee India by study with subsidy money and ditch India and work for USA.

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