PUB Halftime —- Harvard @ Princeton (Homecoming 2010)

The world famous “Flasher Routine” of the Princeton University Band during Homecoming 2010.

The Script:

Bursting forth from the loins of the earth like a liberated Chilean miner, it’s the Princeton University Band!

(Band marches onto the field, plays Princeton Forward March)

Although Harvard may have snagged the top spot in the US News & World Report annual rankings this year, Princeton University students may rest assured that they’ll have better professional opportunities upon graduating from our fine university. No matter his major, any son of Princeton is guaranteed to top a Harvard lad.

• Harvard computer science majors create a social network. Princeton computer science majors have a social life.
• When Christian Bale graduated from Princeton he became Batman. When he graduated from Harvard, he became an American Psycho and murdered hookers escorts.
• Sociology majors at Princeton go on to become the First Lady. Sociology majors at Harvard are still waiting to touch their first lady.
• Princeton music majors live in cardboard boxes. Harvard music majors live in wet cardboard boxes.
• Princeton English majors write things like This Side of Paradise. Harvard English majors write Edward-Jacob slash fan fiction.
• Princeton molecular biology majors experiment with dangerous diseases in a sterile lab environment. Harvard molecular biology majors experiment with dangerous diseases in their girlfriends in the dining hall with their cold, off-brand oatmeal, which is ninety percent gravel.
• Princeton physics majors make leaps in the field of quantum mechanics research. Harvard physics majors penetrate the field of …

(The band forms a concert arc, plays “Also Sprach Zarathustra.”)

Flashers anagram to: BLEACH THE CRIMSON
Flashers flip letters to: FIGHT ON OLD NASSAU

Run Away Band, your best friend is suing you for six hundred million dollars.

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