Radhanath Swami at Harvard University

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His Holiness Radhanath Swami at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, on November 23, 2010. He was introduced by Francis X. Clooney, Professor of Divinity and Professor of Comparative Theology and Director of the Center for the Study of World Religion at Harvard University.

27 thoughts on “Radhanath Swami at Harvard University

  1. Narendra Khadse

    Incredible experience and passing of various tests in the hands of divinity. My heart is  very much touched and brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me of my experience of Feb 2013  Maha Kumbha at PRAYAG Love you swami Radhanath.

  2. ballywonderful

    Spirit concentrates on the essence of the message, while organized religion concentrates its focus on the messenger, the profits, and control over the lives of all its believers.

  3. pusmuht

    Shri.Radhanath Swami is truely blessed divine. His journey has been the teaching to touch our souls through purity of humanity. His experiences is certainly modern day rational search of divinity. It is inspiring me while i watch, that so much am hindu and think i know, so much am i to learn and keep learn. I bow with respect.


    Mayavadi, where's his Tilaka? This man is a charlatan, involved in racketeering, and murder in W. Virginia, and the Murder of the apostate and vocal critic Steven Bryant. This is all outlined in the book "Monkey on a Stick". Don't let his soft, blissy affect fool you.

  5. MahaVakyas

    Francis Clooney ("father" in the black suit) is an expert on Hinduism and can speak Tamil and knows Sanskrit – a very dangerous Christian. See his debate w/ Rajiv Malhotra.

    As for "Radhanath", this guy is a jew who joined ISKCON – guess that's fine and all. Yet, I don't ever see Indians accepting a mleccha as a 'swami.' lolz..

  6. Mohan7

    Wow ! The last part where he describes her mother, offering her ashes to the Ganges. It is the highest service a son can do for his mother. I was spell bound listening to that part.


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