Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Campus Tour

MIT tour of impressive buildings and 168 acre campus spanning over a mile along the Charles River in Cambridge, MA

42 thoughts on “Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Campus Tour

  1. erik tur

    please help me to go to mit my dream .. I know my English is very bad so translating from google translator writing to you … there is very difficult to do … and what to do if I do not even have concepts ..

  2. Andrew Kitahara

    I absolutely fell in love with MIT the very first time I set foot on the campus, and I like the way this video captures the beauty of the institution (though nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes). As for everyone who has been wondering what the music was, the piece is Lanz: East of the Moon by David Lanz and Miles Bould. 

  3. TheEvil

    Thanks a lot for sharing. It would be unfair for people like me, who can't afford, to say MIT is a dream. So MIT is a dream within a dream within a dream like Inception. But I am happy that something great like this exist in this world.

  4. None

    I'm from Cambodia I want to study at MIT too I always dream all the night about it ,Unfortunately I'm a low knowledge guy that MIT requirement very high!!!!! It's just a dream :)


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