1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

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(March 29, 2010) Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky gave the opening lecture of the course entitled Human Behavioral Biology and explains the basic premise of the course and how he aims to avoid categorical thinking.

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Stanford University

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49 thoughts on “1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

  1. Killsocialmedia

    behavior can be linked to biology but that doesnt mean it always is. Biology is more easily quantified than behavior or mental processes. These are the teachings that remove responsibility in our society. These professors are the problem. People cant be placed in a box. People are often unpredictable.

  2. My Pepe is ready

    Fascinating. I think a lot of people are afraid to tackle behavioral sciences out of fear it destroying their idea of free will. It drags them down to being just an animal in their eyes and some people can't take that.

    We are animals but we are the exception.

  3. zabelicious

    WOW!!! I watched the whole series 4 years ago, that's incredible. I can't believe there are over a million hits!!!. I love this guy… his style of teaching and passion. Maybe there is hope for humanity after all.

  4. Six Million Dollar Gas Bill

    26:09 So John Watson failed miserably at human behavioural manipulation… and yet he was a star advertising executive who was very successful at manipulating people's behaviour so they would buy things? These two statements Sapolsky makes contradict each other. Either he could not manipulate people or he could. By the prof's own admission, it seems he could, and rather well.

  5. Ian Webster

    I love that I have a job where I can just sit and work with headphones on and stuff like this playing in the background. I've found that Chaos audiobook on youtube, too, so I'll be devouring that tomorrow. I love you, the internet.

  6. M. H. H. Thoraia

    Thank you Stanford University for sharing these great lectures, I think everybody should watch this! Very informative, very thought provoking & most importantly very interesting and fun. I really like Robert Spolsky!

  7. Jennifer NUNYA

    Oblivious, however are the sheep.
    1:) I wonder who the recipient of the bagel was? Fellow Kosher NewYorker studying at Standard?
    2) I notice it was important for him to illustrate the failures of two men who I might objectively note are used with the key words "founding fathers" Curiously enough. One of Austrian descendant, one of "White". It was important for him to assert intellectual authority and to subtly reinforce those two men with terminology like Hitler, 9 million, death, etc
    (Portuguese for later research)
    Interesting that he didn't bring up any of the Prominent Scientists in Germany Pre Hitler like Polish Jewish Hirszfeld who conducted blood sampling on thousands of soldiers, and later utilized his findings to establish Blood superiority theory.
    Just noticing how unconscious bias may or may not be molding the minds into Globalist Anti White founder white Social Justice Warriors that ironically partially validates Watsons Point.
    First time I've heard sexual incentive to describe why the Chicken crossed the road. Good stuff!

  8. Jennifer NUNYA

    We are not the same. We can be socially conditioned to mimic our external social influences as humans to varying degrees of success. We vary as breeds of humans biologically. Africans are superior runners and athletes in general, and typically out perform their Caucasian competition. Hebrew tribes are not as physically adept. They have had to rely on their intellect to survive, study, and observe human behavior as perpetually migrating "outsiders." Prominent roles in Psychology, and Oral Communication skills are typically above average which has allowed them to flourish in Media and academics. Caucasians instinctively desire to live in relatively peaceful, cohesive social units and are malleable to religious and social influences Atheism is arguably a religion in itself these days.
    Diversity is a time bomb waiting to explode.
    Checkmate I suppose.


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