Dr Zakir Naik – Oxford Union Debate on Islam – 21st century (age of science) – Full Video

Dr. Zakir Abdul Kareem Naik (President & Founder Islamic Research Foundation IRF) was invited by Oxford Union for Historic Debate.

The Oxford Union since 1823 is famous for promoting debate & discussion on topics of concerned, not just in Oxford University but across the Globe. Dr. Zakir Naik joined the ranks of host of Internationally famous Speakers including the current British Prime Minister David Cameron, Former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Former United States [US] Presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Scientist Albert Einstein, Famous Personalities Like Dalai Lama, Winston Churchil, Prince Charles, Mother Teresa & Film Stars Including Clint Eastwood, Stephen Fry & Pop Star Michael Jackson, who have addressed the Oxford Union.

Watch the recorded version of Live uncut Speech and Q&A session of Dr Zakir Naik at the The World Reknowned Oxford University United Kingdom (UK) on the topic “Islam & 21st century”. The event took place successfully and was aired live on Peace TV on 11th Feb 2011. This event was conducted via satellite link to Oxford Union. This video is a complete version having duration of 1 hr and 33 minutes.


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