Oxford University students have their say

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JustOnCampus travelled to Oxford University to talk to students and ask them how they felt about employers using Facebook to promote their graduate training programs.

31 thoughts on “Oxford University students have their say

  1. tommie997

    @swiv2d Because unfortunately the upper class can afford an education unlike the horrible state school system. You may well have very, very intelligent state school pupils but the upper class can, and will, buy the top tutors to get a better mark in examinations which is a real shame because they are by no means more intelligent.

  2. Alex Carroll

    yes i really thought the bloke in the leeds united jumper epitomised the pretentious and privileged upper class! Could the word bigot be more appropriate right now?

  3. ScourgeOfGodUK

    You don't say it how it is. You say it how you want to see it. Your assumption that private school kids are too stupid to get into Oxford if they'd been state educated is simply crass.

  4. Emily D

    How is the fact that your maths teachers didn't show up (which is awful) the fault of this University? You say only people who have experienced it themselves can have a say. So here you go: I was educated at a state comprehensive school in a relatively downtrodden area of Northern England. I am now in my third year at Oxford University. My school teachers were not helpful or supportive of my application. I taught myself loads for my exams and used past exams papers and my own initiative to get..

  5. Emily D

    …my grades. If success at an Oxford application was down to wealth, I wouldn't be in. This University charges exactly the SAME fees as most other universities in the country. It is no more expensive! Poor school funding is the fault of the government, not this university. My best friend lives on a council estate in West Yorkshire and his family are very poor. He is also at Oxford and just won an award for the high standards of his work. This is the reality in 2012. Your views are outdated.

  6. Emily D

    It was by no means a personal attack on you. I just think it's important to make sure negative stereotypes are balanced with some truths that are often forgotten. Standard fees are a problem for many, I understand that, but that's not this university's fault, it's the governments (because it's the same at every UK uni). There are free loans for students whose household income is not enough to support them (my friend gets thousands a year). The Oxford budget for these loans is huge.

  7. Emily D

    It 'goes against' your point because you seem to believe that if someone cannot afford the fees, they won't get into Oxford University. This is, plain and simply, wrong. Look on the website at student grants information. If someone has the academic ability to go there, they will get financial help if needs be. I see it all the time. I understand your frustration entirely and I'm sorry if you feel victimised, but all I'm doing is telling you the truth, not attacking you.

  8. Emily D

    That's no problem, and I appreciate that there are hundreds of things that hold people back which are unfair and create inequality. I worked on a scheme run by the uni with young carers from Oxfordshire to try and help them with their career ambitions and access to higher education, and it really opened my eyes to how situations can overshadow people's potential. I really hope you reach your goals. 


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