Harvard University

Pierre Bélanger, Harvard GSD: Estuarine Urbanism

Pierre Bélanger, Associate Professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, teaches graduate courses on landscape, infrastructure and urbanism in the interrelated fields of planning, design and engineering. He is the editor of the Landscape Infrastructures DVD published by the National Research Council of Canada and recipient of the 2008/2009 Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture awarded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Cited by urbanists and theorists such as AbdouMaliq Simone, Elizabeth K. Meyer and Dirk Sijmons, Bélanger’s research work is published in planning, design and engineering journals and books including Landscape Journal, Topos, New Geographies, The Landscape Urbanism Reader, Geoinformatics, Journal of Tunneling and Underground Space Technology, Trash, Food, and Canadian Architect. Pierre’s most recent publications include “Redefining Infrastructure” (2010), “Power Perestroika” (2009), Landscape as Infrastructure” (2009), Landscapes of Disassembly (2007), Synthetic Surfaces (2007), “Foodshed” (2007), Airspace” (2006) and “Underground Urbanism” (2006). Bélanger has received several honorable mentions in planning and design competitions including the 2009 World Sustainability Centre Afsluitdijk Competition, 2Gs 2008 Venice Lagoon Competition, the AIA’s 2007 Columbus Rewired Design Competition, the 2007 Hadspen Parabola Design Competition, the 2007 Chicago Prize, the University of Washington in St. Louis 2006 Steedman Fellowship Competition and the Architectural Association’s 2006 Environmental Tectonics Competition.

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