How to get into Harvard College

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This video is a sequel to my Harvard University Campus Tour videos. I tried to answer all questions I have been receiving from prospective students about “How to get into Harvard” in this video.

30 thoughts on “How to get into Harvard College

  1. jey star

    Hello sir, i am an indian.I have just watched your video, i wanted to say that i am just opposite to the expectation of harvard i.e.i m not xtra ordinary boy , do not have any good acedemic record.,no certificates of any non acedemic activities, for which i do have very much regret( today i feel like LOSER in my life). BUT as you said that to get in harvard it is hard, not impossible, what if i work hard and get good result in sat exams. will that make any sense to harvard and to get graduation from harvard i would drop 1 year and prepare for sat exam .AND THERE'S ONE MORE THING THAT I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT I AM A GOOD GUITAR PLAYER AND SINGER , I CAN EVEN COPY VOICE OF MANY SINGERs.SIR EVEN KNOW SOME LANGUAGES ALSO LIKE I KNOW ENGLISH, HINDI(MOTHER TONGUE),BENGALI ,MARATHI, FRENCH. JAPANESE,CHINESE GERMAN(JUST STARTED LEARNING) . So , can i get in harvard . Egarly waiting for your reply. T
    hank you sir

  2. paul boss

    Sir, iam egyptian and have a degree in  physical therapy (4 academic years and one internship year in hospital) from cairo university. I'm looking forward to study psycology at harvard. iam an athlete and pretty good at portrait that kid of art.
    is there any way i could be accepted at harvard??
    and how can i support my application in psycology department?
    what is the criteria for accepting international students?

  3. simran mehton

    hii sir yours video are super good plz clear my same more doubts i m from INDIA and want to joint medical school how to apply mean i don't know even a bit off how to sent application to Harvard what should be my first step etc if u guide me that would be sooooooooooooooooo helpful also MCAT is must to get into Harvard medical school U CAN EVEN MESSAGE ME AT MY EMAIL and thnkxxxxxxxxxxxxx alot for great work

  4. H9674

    I have great grades and scores, and I am appreciated by my teachers and will have no problem getting a gr88 recommendation, however there is only one thing missing, I have no extra curriculars, I am an introvert person and have no social mixing, thus no extra academics. Can good grades and SAT scores and good recommendations and good essay compensate for absence of extra curriculars.

  5. Athanasia

    I also want to get into Harvard university but I have some questions,could you help me and make me understand the steps I need to take to study in the university?
    First of all, I will tell you about myself.
    I study on high grades at school,have 10 in all subjects.I also know English well and hope that I will get high marks on SAT exams.
    Well the problem is extra curricular activities.
    I ended 6 grade school of classical musics and have a diploma.I also write some songs myself.
    I participated in Nato Youth Summit,Nato Parliamentary Assembly,also taken part in activities such as protecting nature and etc.I have certificates in all the aforementioned programs.
    I attended photography courses as well and also have a certificate.
    I also won the olympics in biology and got another certificate.
    My question is that if these activities are enough to be accepted in Harvard.I have never had a volunteer job and I would like to know if it is essential.

  6. Erin C.

    Hello, I need to ask you some questions, if you have the time. 🙂
    I am going into 8th grade this year, and I want to be as prepared as possible for sending my application, meeting all the criteria, etc.
    I live in The South, around Tennessee & Kentucky. If I were to get invited to an interview, where would this interview take place?
    Also, if I wanted to send my application early, would I send it my sophomore or junior year?
    Furthermore, what should my essay be about? I was going to write it about why going to Harvard is my dream. It's quite touching really. Does this sound like a good essay topic?
    (Also, if I'm not accepted into Harvard (God forbid) what are some other great choices for college?)
    Does Harvard allow tattoos, piercings, or a strange color of hair dye? (As in a streak of blue in the front.)
    I'm not sure whether you could tell me this, but I am fairly certain that I have an ancestor that was fully American Indian. I am also related to Johann Sebastian Bach and Patsy Cline. Would either of these have any affect on whether I'm accepted or not?
    I know that you can get a full scholarship if you can prove that one of your ancestors was fully Indian, so how would I go about doing that?
    And one more thing:
    What jobs, clubs, and/or extracurricular activities would look great on an application?
    I know this is a lot of information & you will have to write a novel of a response if you do respond at all, but this is my dream and I have lots of questions.
    Thank you SO SO much for taking time out of your day to read this.
    God bless and have a great day!
                                                                                 -Concerned Future Applicant

  7. kenneth canete

    sir i am a 3rd yr college student taking BSBA majoring marketing management from other school. and i want to enroll for another course if i graduate , at harvard i know its very hard to go at harvard college… what will i do?.. please reply..

  8. Poli Naloni

    Hi im from Azerbaijan i am 13 years old. I am thinking about my future. Please can you anwer to my guestions i have good marks and good recommendations. But the 3-rd is poor for me(((. What can i do?

  9. Tanmay Maheshwari

    Sir, I must say a great video!! I am a 11th grade student from India doing IB and trying my best to get into Harvard. I have some leadership skills and am the House Prefect of my school. Plus I have participated in 2 MUN's and won verbals mention at both of them, I am also an exceptionally good photographer but haven't made a portfolio yet. With that i have been volunteering at a local NGO  in my city since last two months which works for kids with aids, I am also an active member of my family run NGO which works towards prevention of road accidents. I will be taking my SAT's in May and wanted to know what else i should do to get into Harvard.

    Would be glad if you revert back!
    Thank you

  10. Mad Life

    Thanks for sharing this video, Sir.
    people use to tell me that a student as me it is impossible to get into harvard. the reason for this is my grade are not as good as the requirements . but in exception i do really great in non academic activities .. i am really passionated to practice football freestyle and im a great magician too… Sir, if you can advice me what i lack for to get into harvard .? because harvard is like dream come true and in this way i will also be able to motivate others.

  11. Ananay Batra

    Hi Shoban Sir,

    I have made an iOS app which uses artificial intelligence. I have recommendation letters from the Principal and the Vice Principal. I also play Varsity Tennis, I am also part of the Debate team and the computer club. Do you think i'll be able to stand out in the application pool?


  12. Sakshi Jakhar

    does harvard check the result of class 12 if yes then when they ask to bring it because last date for application in harvard id 1 jan and in india 12th result comes in may

  13. kakooza oscar

    Hello sir my name is oscar kakooza am a biomedical engineering student in my freshman year at some community college in Massachusetts.i want to transfer to harvard college because i feel iam ready to take up a new challenge and because of its various opportunities especially in research etc….to tell the truth i wasnt a straight A student in high school but i knew my mistakes and now am a high achieving student .am soccer player too and i play midfield position…is there any chance of transferring to harvard if one proves to be exceptionally talented academically. And also in extracurriculars even though they didnt prove them selves in high school.

  14. Goddey Lewis

    Sir how about a candidate from Nigeria who writes what is called JAMB and WAEC what are the possibilities for such an applicant to have admission into Harvard university, he has exceptional talents and he is a musician and photographer

  15. Euis Fadilah

    I really hopeful that someday i would get into harvard university. This is the bis dream that i ever had. I really want to change my life. But this is soo hard. I m sooo blind about the procedure. How can i get in???


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