How to Get into MIT

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Some advice from a junior at MIT on how to maximize your odds at getting admitted.

How to Graduate from MIT:

41 thoughts on “How to Get into MIT

  1. Kemo Beltagy

    i wanna apply as a transfer student, actually, my university is n accredited university but only in the main campus and I am in a new campus of this university so it is not accredited by ABET yet. but i can get a certificate proves that my campus is like the main campus in everything so do I have the opportunity to apply or not?

  2. Dan hdmi

    How in the world is he talking abut the class of 2015 if this video, when this was uploaded in 2011???….. at 0:55 he talks about the class of "2015", how is that possible if this video was uploaded in 2011? doesn't add up.

  3. Joe Smith

    well useful , but, there are plenty of unhappy persons at MIT as with all top universities.
    MIT will not necessarily make you happy…and there are plenty of more important subjects which MIT does not teach….

  4. livingintheukandting

    Helllo, I ami a senior researcher at The univeritryies of universityu of oxfoprds. i live here witg my wife wand child. damieh. lastr joghtn at dinner damien enquirer of me )my name is brad) how he might gain entgry to MIT i dont know suck a fick

  5. meri

    hi make sure u guys care about the environment with everything u guys make. we  and our healths depend on the environment now and future.  everything costs A LOT of natural resources and environment. care about global resources, all people, animals and so on

  6. Brenton Unger

    Where can I find the statistics for Math/Reading for the redesigned SAT? I am currently in the admissions process and tested a 1260/1600 on the new SAT. Is this good or no? I plan on taking it again just for good measure.

  7. Gruffle


    I really liked that video! I have wanted to go to MIT for about a year now, I know I have a long time to wait but I know I can do it!. I am a really big programmer, yet I am only 11 years old.

  8. angel raval

    I am bachelor degree here in philippines …  my grades are not good,  I want to take engineering in MIT! do my grades cause some problems on my application, or do I need to take and pass the qualification exams.? please


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