UC Berkeley Police Beat Students in Sproul Plaza

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Wednesday afternoon, 1,000 students from University of California Berkeley rallied at Sproul Plaza to show solidarity with the worldwide 99 Percent Movement, as well as protest local cuts to state education aid and tuition. Video mirrored from MilesMathews, 11/09/11.

5 thoughts on “UC Berkeley Police Beat Students in Sproul Plaza

  1. shabaash

    We have become a police state in this country since the Reaganite and Clintonite fascists got into power and robbed the country blind. They regard non-rich Americans as essentially slaves worker drones who can be pushed around as in this video by police/pinkerton hirelings.

  2. samthor

    @sthedwig1 don't be an ass. They are citizens who have every right to protest as guaranteed under the 1st amendment. the are unarmed Americans attacked by corporate owned para military police force. If your not on the side of people who's side are you on?

  3. sthedwig1

    tried to post the url to the rest of the story ,but no go

    I didn't say it was a good thing. This just shows that when you dont have the whole story people jump to conclusions and the reporting still needs some balance.


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