Columbia University Offers Occupy Wall Street Course!? ‌‌ – Lee Doren

Please Enroll Responsibly: ( Link) By Lee Doren

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Lee Doren has a passion for public speaking, being the youngest speaker to lecture for the Ronald Reagan Political Lecture Series at Oberlin College. He has given speeches in Annapolis, Maryland on the Bill of Rights and at the U.S. Capitol for the 9/12 March on Washington. He has been invited to lecture at The Cato Institute, The Institute for Energy Research, the Young Britons’ Foundation in the United Kingdom, the State Policy Network and Lehigh University. He has also provided commentary for Fox News, CNN, Reuters, PBS and Air America.

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28 thoughts on “Columbia University Offers Occupy Wall Street Course!? ‌‌ – Lee Doren

  1. JohnnyCarsonLive

    @zzman305 I'm just saying the OWS movement seems to have no message or good results. I'm not sure why they have so many bad things associated with the movement if there's a good sound reasoning for it. It just seems like good things have good results and the opposite for bad things.
    Another thing, I'm not sure how you are tying Clinton & Bush's administration with OWS? The demonstrators didn't seem to be around in the Bush or Clinton administrations, to the best of my knowledge.

  2. John Doe


    Job in activism? How much does that pay? As for the career choice being their own, when they graduate with a useless degree in a useless subject, they become our burden. Why? Because when they can't get a job because nobody wants to deal with their dumb viewpoints, they go on welfare. Who foots that bill? I do. I have to pay for them to stay home because they have no other skill, training, or knowledge other than how to hold up a sign and shout nonsense.

  3. zzman305

    @NoamTube Once again, its there choice. If activism is something they love and enjoy doing, than they should not be forced to conform to another job just because what they love doesn't make as much money. They should also be educated on the financial risks they may suffer because of their career decisions. The reason we give them welfare is not because they "made the wrong career choice", we do it because they're HUMAN BEINGS. People don't deserve poverty because they disagree with you

  4. zzman305

    @df0x1977 I'm not tying Clinton and Bush to OWS, I'm tying them to the cause of the recession. The laws to prevent this recession we're in place, they just refused to enforce them

  5. zzman305

    As for OWS demands and message, I can agree with your above statement. I don't think OWS has no real message whatsoever. To me it seems like a movement of people who just want to vent frustration

  6. JohnnyCarsonLive

    @zzman305 OK, I got ya now. Yeah, it is too bad Clinton & Bush didn't put their feet down on the issues that arose. I know that at least Bush felt it was morally incorrect to bail wall street out with tax payers money. As for Clinton I'm not sure if understands the meaning of morally incorrect. But we're all here in cooker now aren't we, best do what we can for the right reasons.

  7. zzman305

    @df0x1977 God it feels so good to see someone respond to a comment I make on a Lee Doren video that doesn't call me "a socialist pussy faggot liberal"
    Thank you for that…

  8. John Doe


    I'm curious. How many years will it take for you to stop blaming Bush already? Obama promised to cut our deficit in half his first term. He failed to do so. Exactly how long does it take for you to actually start blaming the person in charge for his own failures? 4 Years? 12 Years? 100 Years? Or will your grandchildren still blame Bush for the failures of this entire government?

  9. zzman305

    @NoamTube I also said I blame the Clinton administration. To be honest the recession we're in is the fault of both parties. The Dems and the Republicans got lazy for 14 years. They stopped enforcing laws and standards that could've prevented this, and then this happened. And now everyone is trying to pin the blame on eachother when truthfully, theres enough to go around for everyone.

  10. zzman305

    @NoamTube On the topic of Obama, my opinion is split. I believed that when I first voted for him he could improve the economy. However as time showed, his naivity and timidness prevented him from making any headway. So no opinion on him is this.
    "He's can't fix the economy, but he can damn sure keep us from getting worse"
    I don't think Obama is going to be the one to end this recession. I don't think any president can. I think the only thing that can end it is the American people.

  11. zzman305

    @NoamTube Yes…thats exactly what I'm saying. For gods sake look ath your own comment.
    "People who make stupid decision deserve poverty". Really? Well what about their children. Do they deserve poverty? They didn't have a choice in who their parents we're. They didn't have any input in their career decisions. Why should they suffer for their parents mistakes?
    Your comments are elitist. And even though I know nothing about you. I'd bet that you never have actually lived in poverty.

  12. John Doe

    Here's an idea. If you can't afford to have a kid, DON'T HAVE ONE. I mean we have people popping out kids who they can't even take care of and I have to pay for them? If you care so much about the children, take all your money and go give it to them. Then you can live in poverty with them and talk about how wonderful you were back when you had money and how you gave it to needy people. We have plenty of forms of birth control, I don't need to care for someone's mistake.

  13. zzman305

    @NoamTube So now poor people should not be aloud to have children? Are you even listenign to yourself? What your advocating is downright fascist…

    Okay I'm done argueing with you. There is no point. The only reason I ever kept responding is because each time I had hoped that you'd give some sort of intelligent answer. But when we get to "If your poor don't have a kid so I don't have to give you welfare" I think its time to quit.

    You are an elitist with zero empathy for poor people.

  14. John Doe

    Absolutely. If you can't afford to take care of yourself, you shouldn't have kids. It's not fair to them. By the way, you're a socialist pussy faggot liberal.

  15. JohnnyCarsonLive

    @zzman305 You're welcome bro, I'm not totally against everything liberals think. I actually totally agree with eating right, eating more whole vegetables and fruits, and far less meat and dairy products.

    The problem in politics is no one is willing to see any other perspective on the issues. It's all or nothing. We all need to step back and take the good from the bad, and make logical decisions based on that perspective. Both sides are so split now almost all logic is being lost in the fray.

  16. Jason Prokop

    @oduOX52 It's a complex message covering many subjects based upon a lot of historical, economical, and ethical considerations. It's a subject too complex to adequately discuss in a YouTube comment… probably a topic better suited for something like an undergraduate elective course.

  17. Mark Harris

    @TheSidjilimasa *2. Anthropology educator seeks to explore the anti-Capitalist, anti-Constitution, anti-Semitic message that she believes is the message spoken by a bunch of brats having a hissyfit, who organize tent cities where rape, drugs or murder are common and no one knows what they really want.

    *3. This isn't the first time Columbia or other 'high ranking' schools have done things like this and it won't be the last.

    Fix'd for ya there.

  18. pseudohippie55

    First day of OWS class.
    "Ok kids, first thing we're gonna do is learn how to roll a doobie. Now, kids, remember to always have the window open so you can ventilate the room. You don't want anyone smelling the drugs, or you may be put in jail by the man!"

  19. coolsoeb

    Lee is trying to say it's ironic that some people who are apart of the wallstreet movement (that are there because they have student loans and no jobs) are in the position of unemployment because they focus or are encouraged to focus on careers that have little future for them and usually don't even contribute much towards society. The "wall street" course is an example of a class that most likely won't provide much of a contribution towards society and the point of this video is to outline this

  20. Tim Weldon

    The class was an anthropology research methods class. The point of the class was to put prospective anthropologists in a position to do ethnographic research. The person speaking here, claiming to know "how the world works", Does not seem to know about how the world of Anthropology works. Cultural Anthropologists study culture and events through individual and community stories using participant observation. This wasn't a class to teach people to protest, but how to study humanity and events.

  21. puppetsock

    Why don't you give them jobs? Trying to do it might teach you the answer to your question.

    The OWS people are useless knobs. They have no skill, bad attitudes, and severe disconnect with reality. They *deserve* to be unemployed.

  22. Hugo

    I understand the frustration of some students and people who have graduated from that college that see this as you do. But I do not understand why you and others have any business in this. Of course, everyone can have their personal opinion, but what is the point to make a video about it. What should we do about it?


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