Harvard, Princeton Admissions Discrimination: Asian Student Lawsuit

Harvard, Princeton, and other Ivy League colleges and universities discriminating against Asian students during admissions – so claims one student in a recent Huffington Post article. But is this for real? Academic research indicates asians actually DO face discrimination at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and other schools during admissions.

But can we trust these results? Do you think Ivy League schools are discrimination against Asians? Do you know of any Asian or other minority students who felt discriminated against when applying to college? Let us know!

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21 thoughts on “Harvard, Princeton Admissions Discrimination: Asian Student Lawsuit

  1. bgreenawe

    how about colleges accept students solely on academic and extracurricular merrit???? If colleges are gonna mess with race, there's ALWAYS going to be one group that will be at a disadvantage.

  2. Michael Cooper

    Number1Dougster, stop deflecting and deal with the issue. It's like me asking if you're an Asian fetishist or do you have "yellow fever?" People, like you, should bungee jump off a cliff without the ropes.

  3. Mike Kane

    If whites tried to take over the top University in China, they would be shut down totally. The Chinese are very territorial. They don't want foreigners taking over their institutions. But if White Universities don't want to be overrun by Asians, they're accused of being racist and Asians cry, sue, and go crazy. Asian societies discriminate against whites, but that's allowed. If Whites discriminate against Asians, Asians go crazy. White people can give tons of accounts of racism against them in Asian countries.

  4. Walter Lawrence

    I would never hire any dirty slants.  They are a bigger enemy than blacks.  But you notice the asshole making this video only talked about whites…not blacks or Hispanics……what a worthless jerkoff.

  5. EwE Whisperer

    This is some silly propaganda everyone knows white and yellow males are the discriminated minority groups in America. Could you imagine America without sports teams and affirmative pass over smart people action? The ghetto would be 5 times as bad. Could you imagine the racism then, it's non white racism as they're known to burn their own churches and make up stories of racism. That's right every time you here a sad cry wolf story about white racism it turns out a black person spray painted the wall or burnt the church or drew a swastika with feces.

  6. joe blow

    so you are asian and you graduate from Harvard….guess what? Graduating from Harvard doesn't pay the bill…if anything it adds to the debt. So you need a job? Guess what, all your HARVARD Alums are mostly WHITE! Whatever discrimination you felt at Harvard will be 10x worse in the private sector. You don't need Harvard…work hard anywhere you go, and work smart, and hoards lots of money…because ultimately, money talk and all other things walk.

  7. East South

    its the other shady end racism where its supposedly for a good cause.
    If you base application by a set of scores and skills Asian will overwhelm White's leaving no room for hispanics,blacks& others.
    besided ivy league college's are niche colleges. its for a particular group socialite. It targets students that can fund or help the university in the future.
    Asians as these universities found out dont look back.

    Also add tags Asian graduates are not good at endorsing other asians in ivy league.
    people question why so many whites cause they are tagged by friends, family & relatives.

    Also are these asian students going to help america or will they just work here and go back to there country.
    remember black,hispanic&white have only to fallback to america compared to many of these asians.

  8. ed middleswart

    Recently read a report stating a large test sample of applications were submitted to several "ivy league" universities… including Harvard. The only difference was the designation of the student as "Asian" or black. Blacks were eight times more likely to be admitted than the Asians. Seems like the 14th Amendment means little to these so-called "elite" universities.

  9. nar amar

    Non-Jew whites are 60% of population , but only 20% of Ivy league

    Jews are 1.8% of population , but 25% of Ivy league

    People must understand Jews are included in whites

    Non-Jew whites are most discriminated in Ivy league ? Why nobody is talking about it ?
    I am not white , i am asian .

  10. misteratoz

    I don't get why he uses the word "alleged" discrimination. Literally every data set has shown that Asians have to kick ass above and beyond everyone else to even have a seat at the table. Look at scores needed to get into college, law school, or medical school admissions by race. It's always the same: Asians have to score well above the means, whites around the mean, and blacks/hispanics/native americans just need to take the test and pass. It's a disgrace.

    I'll stand for this process the day Asians are given affirmative action scholarships to play football, basketbal, or any other college sport.

  11. moist faucet

    and Why They want to get into that school ? because of the word : Harvard and Princeton ? REALLY ? Do they know Education is about yourself, not about University name. If they don't accept you, go for others. or learn yourself and earn a noble prizes. Who need that University ?

  12. Rothschildish Artist

    Blacks get +230 points and asian kids get -30 point. Of course they are being discriminated against!
    If they went on just test scores, all Ivy League schools would be full of whites and asians.
    Latinos get +280 points.
    The Asian kids don't get in, because you have to make way for black and Latino kids!

  13. MisterZ3r0

    Let's call this what it actually is, affirmative action for white people. They can't compete academically, so they have to discriminate against higher qualified applicants.


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