Green Building Services at Harvard University

Harvard Green Building Services (GBS) is a interdisciplinary group of professionals within Harvard Campus Services dedicated to supporting the sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings across the university. GBS offers a wide range of services to schools and units at Harvard, including:

– Sustainability Consulting
– Commissioning
– Energy Auditing
– LEED Project Management
– ECM Implementation
– Incentive Application
– Weatherization Project Management
– Measurement and Verification
– Green Building Advocacy, Education, and Training

1 thought on “Green Building Services at Harvard University

  1. malarbusto

    Why does LEED allow so much glass to be used in facades?
    Why does LEED have no airtightness guideline?

    Is it more concerned with green gismos, Eco-bling and arty-techs than actually saving energy consumption? Why complicate matters for builders if there is no real energy saving?

    I'm no expert but I'm working with prestigious building engineers and this is what they all tell me.


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