Mindfulness – Prof Mark Williams Lecture

Science Oxford Live March 2012. Professor Mark Williams from Oxford University delivers a lecture to the public about the science of mindfulness. Find Science Oxford here: www.scienceoxford.com www.twitter.com/scienceoxford

13 thoughts on “Mindfulness – Prof Mark Williams Lecture

  1. Prof Sattar Basra

    Exemplary tri-energy of the man, the medium, and the message. The spiral of consumerism, competition, chemicals, and continents of carbon, has rendered doctors, psychiatrists, and new age gurus sick. Mindfulness is the need of the hour. Marks makes such a homely and warm communicator he does not need the glasses precariously poised on the tip of his nose. He ain't no whacko or bejewelled super-guru ! 

  2. Paul

    Good Video. I can vouch for the huge benefits from the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Professor Williams does remind me of Michael Palin for some reason :)

  3. zzcanasta

    Thank you, Prof Williams. This is an illuminating and beautifully delivered lecture on an intriguing topic. I am currently introducing mindfulness meditation practice to my workplace – a large sixth form college in the north of England – and it already seems to be having an effect.

  4. Joyel Lee

    I am in DBT and mindfulness is my core skill. I have OCD,PTSD & I am also BPD. I have been living a clean and sober life for the last 7 years. I can not tell you the change mindfulness has just made for me in my life. I am still learning.. Thank you for your studies and your talk on this skill!

  5. 108shadow108

    I have a couple of questions if thats ok. Firstly where does mindfulness separate from Buddhism in the scientific sense and what role does morality play in the teaching of mindfulness in the scientific field.


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