Applying to Oxford University: Choosing a College

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When studying, you’ll need to pick a home. In Oxford and Cambridge, this will be a college. Each university has about 30 to choose from and they all have their quirks, so give it some thought. Everyone says their college is the best, which is a good sign you’ll enjoy wherever you pick.

Oxford University Colleges:
Cambridge University Colleges:

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By Jamie Miles

20 thoughts on “Applying to Oxford University: Choosing a College

  1. gandhistoto

    aah, all the lighting's changed. i miss your visual effects, jamie! otherwise, i think it's a great and very informative video ­čÖé

    i have to argue about one thing though. some people, although it's a very small percentage, maybe one in a few hundreds or so, do clash with their college culture/social life. they then withdrew themselves from the social scene and eventually rusticated. one may say that it's a personal problem and they may do that in any college, but the possibility still holds.´╗┐

  2. gandhistoto

    and another thing to consider, each college has its own perks disadvantages. hertford's small in size so the batch tend to be quite close to each other(everyone knows everyone) but it has very limited grants you can apply for. trinity has free printing(my friend prints about 200 pages a week or something) but he has to move out on his 3rd year, or move to some not-very-nice accom. st. john's so rich that it gives so many grants to the students but the quad's too big for you to know everyone.´╗┐

  3. gandhistoto

    and yes, so college does matter a lot imho ­čÖé although you will learn to love your college anyway, you can love certain colleges much easier than some other depending on what you want.

    p.s: sorry for the very long response´╗┐

  4. katemahalhk

    Hey Jamie,

    Want to apply to Oxford for history. Can you do a day in the life/ week in the life after these oxapp videos? It would be awesome if you could find a friend reading history and ask them to talk about a week/ day in the life


  5. JamoeMills

    If you search for the 'OUSU alternative prospectus' there are details of the colleges there from student perspectives. If you are looking for more formal detail and numbers overview of the colleges, Google the college you want and check out their website. ´╗┐

  6. aishay bee

    Hi, I found this very useful, thank you. Just one question, when you said the application needs to be sent off by the 15th of October, does that mean I can send it off earlier than the 15th, so say, the 12th of October ?´╗┐

  7. Marion Guerbet

    Looking back on this, as I'm preparing for my Corpus Christi interview… my selection criteria were pretty much the same, but I chose Corpus for the tortoises (and also, I loved it on the open day)… :D´╗┐

  8. Will

    If I apply to a college that just so happens to be really oversubscribed that year, do they ever move you to an alternate one or do they just reject you as they have too many people? would they also let me choose the alternate college if this happens?´╗┐


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