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[Part 1] Applying to Oxford University: Admissions Tests

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Admissions tests! Practice makes perfect with these, as timing is a major factor. Be sure you can get through the questions as effectively as possible, and give similar questions a go to ready yourself. Below are resources to help with humanities and science subjects.

Useful Links:

Admissions Tests’ website:

Oxbridge discussions:

Maths/Science subject preparation:
(Go to the Senior levels if these are too straight forward. Great for problem solving practice).

Any questions or video suggestions, please do post them in the comments.

By Jamie Miles


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  • Thanks, this was really useful! Btw, do you know if its a good idea to write the essay in a conventional structure, with intro, body paragraphs and conclusion, or can you experiment with approaches such as having a journalistic approach with stats and whatnot, or maybe writing in a very logical, structured argument that develops an argument step by step, withholding the result until the conclusion?

  • You have to sit the HAT for History and Politics.

    If you look at the specific course you are interested in on the Oxford website and then go to the 'How to apply' tab it will explain what is required. 

  • thanks for the reply it says on the website that I need to send in an A2 history essay im a mature student applying so i haven't done any A2 work since 2008, will they accept if it's an essay I did in my own time at home?

  • do you know much about E&M at oxford? I LOVE economics and am well qualified but E&M just seems too difficult to get into, it's got the lowest acceptance rate out of all Oxbridge courses. Should I still go for it or should I play the stats game and go to Cambridge instead? 

  • You should apply for the course that you think you will enjoy the most! E&M is so over-subscribed because lots of international students view it as Oxford's business degree (which it isn't). So that would discount a chunk of people who have applied for the wrong course 🙂 

  • Horror senario: You doing "some preparation" and everyone else doing a lot of preparation. Sorry but this is Oxford, people who want to get in are highly ambitious 🙂 

  • Hi, I am Manzil Mudbari an A-level candidate at Malpi Institute here in Nepal. As far as I have researched I have come to know that an A-level candidate should not appear for IELTS test so as to apply to any British universities. I just wanted to know if it applies to international students as well.

  • Hey there mate! Your video's are awesome, and incredibly informative, due to your help I've found a load of information on Oxford that has motivated me to push even harder to get in! You were the one who led me to PPE, and I have two basic questions: I'd like to get a masters degree in International Relations at Oxford, and IR states that to get in, you should study PPE or H&P as an undergraduate. Now what I want to ask is, how deep is the economic part of PPE? I'm more a social sciences person

  • Also, do you have any friends who studied IR via going through PPE or H&P? What do you think, if I'm planning a career in diplomacy which degree would suit me better? I'm really interested in history and politics, and the economic part associated with those two things, but I'm very far from what you'd call a 'math nerd', and I'm worrying that by going to PPE I'm going to be studying alot of economics that I just won't be able to grasp, whilst at H&P the economic part is completely left out! 

  • Hey Jamie! I'm from Germany so our schools don't give us a lot of information about Oxford. I'm very interested in reading PPE and I would really love to know how good I have to be at maths to get along with the Econmics part. Also I wanted to do a gap year before going to Uni and on the website it says that one's school is applying for one to sit the admission test. When I do a gap year I won't go to school anymore so how am i applying? And also I'll do my gap year in Africa so how can I do it?

  • Hey! I am currently doing the IB and am wondering when you realised PPE was for you? How late is too late to find your course or change your choice? LOve your videos, much love from Sweden.

  • people are saying its all about the interview but i have a question then… theoretically lets say i was a student living outside of the UK and i wanted to apply to Oxford. What would happen then with the interview if i got a reply and i was still not living in the UK?

  • Hey! I am an International Applicant this year to Ox for PPE at New College. 
    You did give the TSA ,didn't you for PPE? Do you have any specific preparation tips/books to study from since getting a brilliant score is essential to be called for an interview?

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