Applying to Oxford University: The Interview

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Welcome to the Fifth Video in the series all about applying to Oxford!

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By Jamie Miles

38 thoughts on “Applying to Oxford University: The Interview

  1. binderiya adishaa

    Hi +JamoeMills.I am an international applicant. I received an e-mail saying that " it is likely that I will invited for an interview" and asking whether i can come for interview couple of days ago. Does that mean I am offered an interview or just an inquiry from the university? I am in a quandary as I have not received any replies since then.

  2. CraftsMAN

     Love the DFTBA poster. lol. Anyway, I was a study abroad student at Trinity when getting my masters degree. I took 3 classes during the 3 months and had lots of fun learning from Oxford Professors.  I have two years left before I am done with my Doctorate (D.Sc). My question is that, I am wanting to go to All Souls to do some research for when I am writing my book when I am done with my doctorate. What are the chances of me being able to get an interview at AS?

  3. Brianna Henderson

    Thank you so much for uploading this! I'm fourteen, so obviously I won't really be needing this advice for years, but I hope to go to Oxford, when I'm old enough/actually up to a collage level, and I've been looking at a bunch of stuff online. This made me feel a lot better/more confident about even trying. Thank you!

  4. Meshwork123

    Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing them.

    Personally, I would like to see introduced into all universities revolutionary new degrees, such as a Bachelor of Plumbing, a Bachelor of Electricity, or a Bachelor of Boilermaking, and many other trades type courses that are currently excluded from universities. With these additional degrees, perhaps done as majors, students could graduate with very useful life skills as well as what they might learn conceptually as the non-major component of their studies – either in the liberal arts or the empirical sciences.

    Addressing the public good is about serving the community; there are many other vocations and skills that should not be excluded from university level education.

  5. Wallis by Angela McMahon

    I have noticed a fall in standards of both written and spoken English!
    Soon the text in text messages won't match the data already in the computer system,as the grammar,spelling and punctuation will be  so appalling.Then RvMorris (caselaw)will really have a field day,as all plots and attempts to alter data belonging to others,quite frankly will not work! …

  6. Felix Lo

    Actually almost all online sources I've visited that address issues concerning the Oxford interview seem to say the same thing: that the process doesn't mean to try to find out how much you know as much as how you would approach a particular problem. The truth is, I think they do expect you to know a certain level of knowledge, but they also want to hear you put together a solution, no matter how superficial the solution may sound. But I have a question: suppose someone has left school ages ago, secondary school-imparted knowledges now seem distant, like 25 years ago, does it really matter? In that case, do you have any strategies for mature student applying for a certain course?

  7. Ayesha Wahid

    hey.i have an interview scheduled tomorrow . I'm from Pakistan and I applied for degree of communication design, dept of media science program. I would really appreciate if you could give me guidelines on how should I prepare well for it. my friend told me that one interviewer turns candidates crazy and tries to be too rowdy and rough. I'm nervous.

  8. istdoch egal

    Got a PPE interview today and now I am watching this video – again. When I first watched the video, I never thought I would actually be going to Oxford for an interview!

  9. nancyruby

    I have an interview for E&M next week, really excited but also so, so, so nervous. Didn't think I'd get the interview anyway so now I'm kind of freaking out!

  10. Elena Lopez

    Going to oxford this Sunday for my interview… so nervous. I applied for PPE and I am really interested to learn a lot but I am not sure that I know enough about the subject… I have never done Economics either

  11. Sven Paunovic Babic

    Hey Jamie, I got a biochemistry interview and am flying in tomorrow for my interviews on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I'm wondering about the message you wrote in the top right corner stating that the replies for all shortlisted candidates will be on January 8th. I saw on the Oxford website, however, that all decisions will be received on January the 6th. Could you please clarify? Thanks :)

  12. Leonard Simba

    Jamoemills I have carried some research where i found out that if u have done best in GCSE although u haven't got A* or A u will have a chance but what i am worried is bcoz i got A* in english and B in math but i did it in college coz i just moved to England…can u plz explain to me whether i may have chance coz Oxford is my dream university

  13. Karishma Manojkumar

    Hello. Thanks for the informative video. I am from Hong Kong and I have applied to Oxford for medicine and have started preparing for the interview(not sure if I can get an interview invitation????)
    I have a question. As I am applying as an international student, is it possible for me to get a Skype interview? The website said that I'll have to go to Oxford for an interview as I'm applying for medicine. But I'm afraid if I can get a visa within that short period of time.

  14. Levi Weeaboo

    If you are shortlisted for interview, do the colleges then see everyone on an even playing field and use the interview solely to determine who then gets an offer, or does interview performance only factor into a colleges final decision?

  15. hamza Syed

    im so scared. somebody help. I got an interview in 2 weeks and have not prepared much as everybody told me there was no point as i wouldnt get an interview anyway. Well i did! but i have not read two of the books i mentioned and i feel very unprepared. what to do what to do

  16. 176cadbury

    All this tweeking and adjusting is fine but the fundamental problem is the hundreds of talented kids are stuck in a bog standard comprehensive system, staffed by below average teachers, with no ambition for these clever kids other than ensuring they achieve above national targets. The vast majority of right-on teachers look down on the 'elitism' of Oxbridge and sneer at the system they think is biased against them.


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