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Cambridge Assessment: Admission Tests animation

Cambridge Assessment is the international exams group of the University of Cambridge. It plays a leading role in researching, developing and delivering educational assessment to eight million learners in over 150 countries every year. The Admissions Tests & Special Testing division was established in 2004 and specialises in the development, administration and validation of admissions tests on behalf of a number of universities.

In order to help students prepare effectively and get the most out of their exam experience, Cambridge Assessment began collating a wealth of information and resources, all made available to students via the Admissions website.

As such, a requirement was identified for a simple animated video guide, designed to give test candidates a quick overview of the university admissions process. Take One Productions were commissioned to produce the animation accordingly.

The Take One animation team went about creating a main character that would lead the viewer through the admissions process via a simple, step-by-step guide. The animation was storyboarded in incredible detail before the final animations were created and rendered – a complex and specialised process in itself. Finally, a professional voice over was recorded and edited into the animation to compete the production process and provide Cambridge Assessment with a polished and quirky animation which was more than fit for purpose.

Both non-subtitled and subtitled versions were produced in High Definition for use on the Admissions website, on mobile devices, tablets and PCs.

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