Amino Acid pKa

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13 thoughts on “Amino Acid pKa

  1. wotsinanaam

    Apart from the denaturing of the peroxidase at acidic pH, is the conversion of peroxide to water and O2 itself pH dependent and would therefore not occur even if the enzyme were not denatured?

  2. Izzie S

    The conversion of peroxide is mediated via the enzyme peroxidase, which in turn is affected by the change in pH. Thus, any change in pH does not directly affect the conversion but acts by denaturing the enzyme.

  3. wotsinanaam

    I understand that part. But oxidation of peroxide can occur chemically, even in the absence of peroxidase. Try using a bottle of H2O2 that has been sitting there for a few months– it would all be H2O and no peroxide.


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