Alan Weiss Presentation at Harvard University

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Alan Weiss guest speaker at Harvard University, October 2012.


22 thoughts on “Alan Weiss Presentation at Harvard University

  1. plistc

    Great talk overall, but the topic that starts at 1:00:50 and ends at about 1:03:40 was absolutely BRILLIANT to me and hit home with an MMA roundhouse kick. Wow… that was awesome Alan. Thank you.

  2. Mark Richman

    I also agree with your thoughts on mastery of language. I, like you, openly correct others' misuse of improper language, specifically grammar. I am ridiculed for it, and clearly offend others while doing it. Should I lay off?

  3. Herton Dantas

    That was the greatest 1 hour video I watched on youtube and probably the only. In the end I was laughing because I worked on that Marriott Hotel in Marco Island-FL and I already did save a guy who lost his paddle, but I didn't use a motor boat, I walked towards him. I'm a Great fan of Allan's work and I am very greatfull, because it helped me prosper in my marketing consulting business here in Brazil. 

  4. mattable123456789

    I was annoyed at the question which challenged the value of Alan's books because readers may never reach Alan's success. I can give several athletes water to fuel their game; however, not all of them will become Michael Jordan. Resources are sustenance, not guarantees. Luckily Alan is a Michael Jordan you can also drink!

  5. M.A. Belgrave

    Had a strange dream today. I'm driving in a rough area of Phili, with a college buddy. We stop at a store. I look in the rear view mirror, Alan gets out the car, and says" I'll be right back"and leaves his coat. My friend says " Who's the old white cat that just got out the back seat?". I said "Listen, this guy is the truth! When he gets back, just shut up, listen and don't say anything stupid. We keep him in the car for as long as we can for free info!" Thanks Mr. Weiss. Your work is priceless!

  6. Ryan. J Murray

    What a truly profound gift these students, and people watching the recording, have been given with this talk. A masterpiece of riveting presentation, candidness, self-deprecation, wisdom and truth.

  7. Ron Roth

    Really tuned in to what you said about becoming an object of interest. Most important YouTube vid that I've seen. Thank you Dr. Weiss.

  8. Brendan Tully

    Thanks Alan, one of the best presentations I've seen in a long long time. Have some of yours books sitting on the kindle for a while now, just been bumped up to the top spot

  9. Surefiregs

    Got to love Dana a hr straight of awesome info and knowledge for free, and all she can focus on is a possible mistake. These are the type of people that amount to nothing. Great job alan thank you for making it available. 

  10. Jason Hill

    Fantastic, I have grown fond of Alan's works over the past 6 or 7 months.  This not only being pro-bono to the University, but also being available on YouTube for free, I find watching lucrative to anyone that listens. This will be on my favorites list because I will get something new the next time I watch it.


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