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SMUS Student Wins Full Scholarship to Cambridge

Keiler Totz, a Grade 12 student at St. Michaels University School, was recently announced as one of two Blyth Scholars who have been selected to attend Cambridge next fall. Here, Keiler talks about applying for the scholarship and the strange way he heard the news.

The Blyth Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarships are among the most valuable
awards available in Canada for students wishing to pursue an undergraduate degree. Tenable at any University of Cambridge undergraduate college the scholarships provide full funding for tuition fees, maintenance and travel between Canada and Cambridge for three years.


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  • Wait a moment. I've read on the Blyth Scholars site that "The scholarships are awarded to students who for financial reasons would not otherwise be able to attend the University." However, it seems unlikely that this student's family would have financial problems to pay for his university studies. He comes from St. Michaels University School, an expensive private school with a tuition of $18,990 ($31,900 for international students). Am I missing something here?

  • Hi Dan5482

    Thanks for your comment! Much like Cambridge, we also offer merit scholarships and financial aid. In fact, 22% of our student body receives some form of financial support.