Lec 01 – Linear Algebra | Princeton University

Review sessions given at Princeton University in Spring 2008 by Adrian Banner.

To watch the entire course: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGqzsq0erqU7w7ZrTZ-pWWk4-AOkiGEGp

44 thoughts on “Lec 01 – Linear Algebra | Princeton University

  1. David Adams

    This guy is a superb lecturer. I wish the cameraman would pull back and just show the whole of a section of the board instead of zooming in and showing half a line at a time. As soon as Dr Banner steps back the camera focuses on him rather than all the stuff he's written.
    I think it's the same cameraman who's filmed the MIT lectures.
    Is it possible to find a list of the lectures which gives a breakdown of the content of each lecture?

  2. John Ahmrain

    Hey, if i use 12 (twelve digit) mathmatics and change the piont system from zero point to one point, will i still be able to follow the steps, and will i be able to add extra steps in between so that i can move the system in a way that it measures with sound and season measurements? im kinda lost when he says whatever youve seen that now i didnt see it so i got lost and wandered off on my own and he said 26 dimensions. I was like what the  fuck!

  3. Anuj Joshi

    Beautiful lecture.  I have gone thru many other linear algebra lectures on youtube but none of them were as detailed and methodical as this.  He makes it so easy to understand.  Terrible audio and recording work.  The camera keeps shifting the focus and unnecessarily zoom into small part while you need to look at the entire board to understand the flow.  Looks like recording is done by some kid.

  4. srinidhi skanda

    i am from computer science i need to learn linear algebra for machine learning is this right lecture series to learn linear algebra ?or is this lectures related to physics concepts ? . i find hard to understand strang lecturing videos.

  5. albion1012

    I completely agree with Simone Nunez’s comment. I cannot understand how people can use such bad language – are they drunk or something? It’s the same with many classical music videos on YouTube, where some people use the most uncontrolled, abusive language about performers. I think YouTube should be more responsible for their content and not post comments which use abusive and violent language.


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