Everybody’s Flippin’ – An update on the Flipped Classroom

Professor Barba has included a video that will communicate the basic idea of the flipped classroom, and found a 2.5-minute feature of Eric Mazur (Harvard University), a long-time proponent of peer instruction methods and self-declared converted lecturer. She has learned that video is a convincing medium for content delivery, but it is a more effective teaching aid when paired with an online quiz and feedback system, so she has made a TED-Ed lesson for the flipped-class talk.

We suggest that interested people watch the 2.5 minute TED-Ed Video and answer the two open-ended questions, featured on the site, which allows you to give feedback on any concern, BEFORE the webinar. Then at the time of the webinar Lorena Barba will have an open Q&A session to address the questions about the featured video.

Lorena Barba is a faculty member in the College of Engineering at Boston University. She has a PhD in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology, and specializes in computational fluid dynamics and high-performance computing. Lorena has lived in England and Chile (where she grew up) and has several years of experience in higher education. She is an advocate of open-source software for science and open educational resources, and shares her courseware on iTunes U and You Tube. She is also interested in education technology, social learning and the recent spread of massively open online courses.

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