Robotic insect: world’s smallest flying robot makes first flight

Scientists at Harvard University have created a flying robot that can sit on a fingertip. Inspired by the biology of a fly, the robot is able to perform the agile movements of an insect.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) put a decade’s work into developing the penny-sized robot, before it took off for the first time.

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31 thoughts on “Robotic insect: world’s smallest flying robot makes first flight

  1. healinggreen

    Nothing can alternate what Mother Nature can do, she regenerates for the good of everything and everyone while humans claim to be the highest animals they think they can do it on their own way…Humans are only for destruction if they change the sacred system of this planet…while their technology arises nature is being destroyed and so the finding of another planet has begun…because the elite knows that only few can survive while others are fools playing their games…

  2. MrDanielwilliam

    nano-nuke batteries and autonomous brain chips (they'll be everywhere in a few years)
    roosting boxes up on power poles. "keeping us safe form terrorists of course"
    finally…………peace and safety will arrive.


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