Harvard student’s guide to Harvard University

Across the water in Cambridge, MA lies Harvard University. See one student’s take on what makes Harvard such an important place to visit during your stay in Boston.

directed by Nate Gubin
written by Brian Donnelly & Chris Duffy
starring Chris Duffy

23 thoughts on “Harvard student’s guide to Harvard University

  1. Amara

    The way he pronounces the world "prestigious" annoys me. I know both ways are correct, but I think it sounds better with a long "e" sound, because that's how prestige is pronounced.

  2. super2friendies

    Visiting Harvard really interested me, as I was very aware of the fact that Harvard is ranked as the best university in the world and has been the home of many of history’s important individuals, from US presidents to the founder of Facebook. To go back to university, specifically the idea of studying among the intellectual elite of the world, is something I very much desire.

    I wrote a blog about my visit to Harvard's campus:


  3. Cody Thompson

    I sat through this whole video saying "Stop being a cocky little shit" "You're being a little shit" "Egotistical narcissistic little shit" Because he sounded like an egotistical narcissistic little shit

  4. john Wow

    I wanted to get a glimpse of the Harvard campus and instead, I got to mostly see an idiot who should be using his time to study. Dude , what's the fucking point of this silly short video? So we can see you? Why do I need to see mostly footage of you? So someday when you're president, we can all marvel?


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