The Dynamics of Perception – Workshop with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen at HZT Berlin

The two day Workshop with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen took place at Uferstudios on July 2011. It was followed by a talk between B.B. Cohen and the philosopher Alva Noë. The talk took place in the frame of an event by the research group “Aesthetic praxis and embodiment” of the HZT Berlin in cooperation with the Tanzfabrik Berlin.
The American dancer, teacher and therapist Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder of the SCHOOL FOR BODY-MIND CENTERING®, belongs to the pioneers of somatic practice and is one of the most influential and important movement researchers of our time.
The American philosopher Alva Noë is the author of “Out of Our Heads: Why You Are not Your brain and Other Lessons from the Biologoy of Consciousness” and “Action in Perception”. Alva Noë is a professor of philosophy at the university of California, Berkeley.

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