A Day in the Life of a Cambridge Law Student

Three first year undergraduate Law students at the University of Cambridge record their activities on a typical day.

26 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Cambridge Law Student

  1. Qorsas

    Anyone of you guys know what the song's called that's playing during the last minute of the film? I've been trying to listen to the words, but I can't hear it cause of the talk; my ears will start bleeding soon. I think the girl is singing "I'm just a foreign in a paradise" or smth like that, but I'm not sure – Google is not helpful! Thanks

  2. Disney0702

    When u say a copy every book ever published in the UK do u also mean story books too, would we even be able to find Agatha Christie books or anything like that in the libraries? 

  3. John Halaborigo

    Come on Cambridge you can do better than dis. The London 1 in particuliar shud not be used to promote your law corse. Over-priviligid and under-deserving lyk many of the students there a damming piece of evidense as to what our education sistem has become. Why wud any1 want to apply knowin that they might meet sum1 like dat? I'll be sendin my childrin to Oxferd.

  4. knightarnaud

    I'm studying Law right now in Belgium and my father would pay if I go to Cambridge, but I don't know if I'm intelligent enough and I'm not sure about my use of English …

  5. @_HO_RUs

    The filming is damn horrible who is the camaraperson, he/she is yanking the camera around everywhere. It is all over the place. This is so poorly produced I'd be ashamed to upload it. It just seems like it was done haphazardly.


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