Cambridge University – 1945 British Higher Education / Social Guidance / Educational Documentary

The University of Cambridge, and the life of those who study there.

‘The ancient University of Cambridge in its setting of a market town. The film shows many famous streets and Colleges and typical scenes of University life. Shots include dinner in Hall, a lecture by Sir Lawrence Bragg, F.R.S., Degree day at the Senate House and Evensong at King’s.’ (Films of Britain – British Council Film Department Catalogue – 1946)

This film has been made available for non-commercial research and educational purposes courtesy the British Council Film Collection. .

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13 thoughts on “Cambridge University – 1945 British Higher Education / Social Guidance / Educational Documentary

  1. Ben Gabriel Hanks .The Great

    Most of the cambridge students were really hard-working all the time when all people need to know more about how acknowledge work by focus on serious attitude. Very unlike the other country of the university students whom engage a lot more about the current policy would incurs a lot of social issues in HK. They only really good at making a childish behaviour when all hk students need to discuss a topic about the long term development in hk and always need to asking the residents agreement!

  2. Ben Gabriel Hanks .The Great

    Frankly speaking, i hope my english proficiency could be improve a lot to boost my opportunity to study aboard or work. I often run an english test via the cambridge website. And the result shows me that my current english level is still an intermediate level since i couldn’t have any clues to rising up to the upper-intermediate level. Usually, i always ignore the meanings before i filling the blanks more properly. The foremost problem is my grammatical using and useful expressions using.


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