Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular) at Oxford University

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11 thoughts on “Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular) at Oxford University

  1. University of Oxford

    Hi +Nasim Haider, yes, those degrees are an excellent foundation for work in genetics, though for some jobs employers may expect you to have completed a doctoral programme as well. Speak to the faculty or take a look at the course page for more information on what students go on to do. 

  2. Catch22

    I live in Ireland so how many points/what grades would I need in my leaving certificate to do this course?
    What six subjects should I choose?
    Thank you.

  3. Catch22

    I attend an Irish speaking school in Ireland. I am still a native English speaker but will attending an Irish speaking school hinder my chances of getting a place in Oxford.
    I ask because I will know most scientific terms that are learnt at A-level/leaving certificate in Irish rather than in English.

  4. Richard Rotermel

    Is it highly important to have absolutely perfect grades in every single class/course that you attend at school while doing A-Level (as I do) to or is it also possible to be picked for one of your biochemistry courses (even the possibility of the slightest chance possible would satisfy me as an answer) when you don't have these perfectly perfect grades.. (as I do)…
    I'm from Germany by the way and I checked my spelling for this sentence like 15 times albeit having some proper english…
    I hope I'll get a response :D


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