Biological Sciences at Oxford University

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Want to know more about studying at Oxford University? Watch this short film to hear tutors and students talk about this undergraduate degree. For more information on this course, please visit our website at

9 thoughts on “Biological Sciences at Oxford University

  1. Ngau Ho

    Is there a graduate school for Bio at Oxford? If I'm from the US and I have a 4.0 GPA for my bio education but say a 3.7 GPA overall would that still be good?

  2. b99b12

    Many students in this video discussed studying an individual species, I however, want to specialize in mammals. Is it just for simplicity sake as studying a much broader taxonomy would prove harsher on students? Or is it required for the course to specialize in one organism?

    Much appreciation,

  3. Tiasa Tilak

    what subjects should we have in high school to be eligible for studying undergrad biological science at the university ??…and what subjects do we have to take up for our major in this subject ? As in what else apart from biology ??


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