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  • Hiya, I'm doing a further maths, geology and maths. I know physics is required but if I get 3A*'s at these subjects! would my application be considered?

  • Hi +Jay Eki , it's always best to refer questions about grades to the department, or to undergraduate admissions at Oxford (link in the description). At the time of writing, though, if you're taking A-levels and want to do Engineering, then Physics is required yes– since concepts from physics are very heavily used in the course. 

  • Is this department similar to "Engineering Systems" dept in MIT? If you're not familiar, its the study, analysis, and design of complex engineering systems in areas such as transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, and energy, with the knowledge of public policy issues, and awareness of societal needs, tastes, and preferences. 

  • Good afternoon, my names chris am going to do Maths, chemistry, Physics for A2, but my college does not offer Further Mathematics for A-level and i'm aware that loads of students applying to oxford have it for A-level, i've put a lot of effort in furthering my mathematical knowledge to help with the entrance test which i would like to sit in the 2015/2016 term but I am concerned about not offering further maths at level, i would like to if this could detrimental in applying to a maths related subject, thank you for reading and I would be really appreciative  to get a bit of advice, thanks.

  • Hi +Christopher O'Donoghue, while it's true that further maths is the most useful A-level after Physics and Maths for an engineer, Chemistry will also be helpful.

    Let's take the most 'maths-related' course we offer – maths itself.  While most successful applicants to that course do have both Maths and Further Maths to full A-level, not all of them do –  each year we admit a number of students who don't have the Further Maths qualification.  If you're successful at interview, you'll need to do extra work in the summer before starting the course, and during the first year, to compensate, but with commitment and determination, you can complete the Oxford Maths course just as successfully as students who did do further maths at A-level (and the tutorial system will help you – since the super-personalised nature of Oxford education means your learning can be structured around what you've studied so far). 

    We'd definitely recommend speaking to undergraduate admissions, and taking a look at the links in the description, to learn more.

    Lastly, well done already for pursuing extra mathematical knowledge. That will stand you in good stead regardless of what you end up doing in later life.

  • I really wanted to get in to Oxford engineering program of there good reputation and brilliant people. Due to lack of English score  in SAT of being a foreigner, was not able to get in. Admire and jealous of people in there. But I follow my God wills for the other great benefit. Good luck guys!!

  • I study Maths Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry and French for AS. Unfortuantely, I didn't take further maths as I only gained recently that it would be favourable for Engineering/Materials Sciences. Would taking further maths next year be beneficial at all or would studying extra maths modules over this and next summer be enough to compensate and allow my application for 2016 entry to be considered?

  • What grades do I need to get in to Oxford I have read that it's a A* in maths
    A* physics and A* in further maths but is there an exception to that because I want to oxford

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