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  • Hey I am from Germany and I am going to finish an exchange year in the US in a few months. My Language Arts teacher here told my that I speak English very well and even better than some Americans and that I might consider going to university in an English speaking country. Because of that I am doing some research right now and therefore I have a few questions:
    -Can I study Jurisprudence and History or can I only study one of them?
    -When I finish my Law degree as a German citizen could I theoretically start working as a lawyer in the UK or would I have to be a British citizen?
    -A friend of mine from my church made it into your university 2 years ago, she had a 15 Point Abitur but she studies Biochemistry, while you can take Biology and Chemistry in your Abitur, you can not take Jurisprudence. So my question is what should I pick instead?

  • Hello, I currently hold an offer to read Chemistry in Oxford starting in 2015, is it possible for me to change to law when I start university in October?

  • Hi, I am in my final year of the five year law degree course in India and wish to pursue Bachelors' in Civil Laws from Oxford in 2016. However, I am afraid, I do not carry the required top notch grades but I believe they are decent enough to put me in the upper second class. Beside I have worked on the Indian land and agrarian scene for past couple of years with an NGO and am also actively engaged in research projects related to the same. I believe a B.C.L shall equip me with the necessary intellectual wherewithal (read integrity) to fight the pseudo land-development cartels (with its courses like human rights, constitution, criminal justice and jurisprudence) and engage meaningfully with the thousands of movements simultaneously taking place in different parts of my country on my return. With the applications process beginning in September, would you advise me, despite my not-so-good grades but first hand rural experiences and in-depth grassroots knowledge of the Indian land-agrarian landscape, to apply to the University?

  • For my GCSE's I have picked History (with others), am I going the right path? In college I want to pick Politics and Government and Philosophy. What is the minimum grade I need to get to get into Oxford?

  • Im choosing my A level results this year…Im currently working at GCSE level at a A – B grade, but have stepped my game up this past year. Do you think the work load of Oxford is something I would be able to cope with?

  • Hi +J Dah, any academic subject is useful for PPE at Oxford so history seems like a good option. Take a look at the subject page on our website (link in the description) to see minimum grades –  we don't like to post them on YouTube in case they change.

  • What subjects are best to become a public criminal lawyer prosecutor, I want to be a strong and intimIdating one I'm currently in year 10 and I am very strong at English and literature, I am also very good at arguing and like being dominant because I enjoy it for some reason, plus I am very interested in law and criminals. God bless you Oxford University.

  • I have a total of three (3) degrees from America: B.A. in Philosophy, M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and an M.A. in Legal Studies. Let's say I want to go to Oxford to study Law in the future; will there be any issues with transferring my degrees to Oxford and, most importantly, do I have a good chance of being accepted there?

  • Had a wish from my childhood that will do study in the university like Oxford. Now I have just completed LL.M ( masters) on law. Is it possible for me to do masters again at Oxford?

  • Hi, the next year I'll be finishing my career and I'd like to pursue a B.C.L in International Law. I'm from Peru, does it matter to which university I went? For the record, I'm in the second best university of my country.