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38 thoughts on “Medicine at Oxford University

  1. Afsah Nasir

    Alright so the website you mentioned on description it says Chemistry is compulsory where Biology and physics mathematic is optional what if a student is giving Biology and psychology in optional would that count ?

  2. William Velez-Jimenez

    Hello, +University of Oxford my name is William and I am in 9th grade(or year 9) of school. It is my dream to become a medical doctor and I would love to study at Oxford. I live in the US and I'm planning to apply before I graduate high school and would like to know which place to apply. Would I apply to the college or the medical school to study for my degree? I'm terribly confused by that. I want to specialize in infectious disease/immunology.

  3. Hector Vesalius

    Im only in year 11 and preparing for my GCSE's, but it will always be an aspiration to study medicine at such a prestigious university. Is it cumpulsory to be a straight A/A* student at GCSE as well as A level to be considered an offer? 

  4. University of Oxford

    Hi +William Velez-Jimenez , at the time of writing you don't apply directly to a college (which in Oxford, Cambridge and a few other places is a constituent part of the larger University) or to a medical school. Instead you apply through the UK's university admissions service, UCAS, while registering to sit the BMAT exam at the same time. Take a look at the link in the description or search "study medicine at oxford" for full details of the application process. Otherwise you can contact our undergraduate admissions office directly for personal advice.

  5. University of Oxford

    hi +Yasmim Franceschi , competition for places at Oxford is very strong, especially for Medicine where we have around ten applicants per place, so even the best exam results cannot guarantee a place. It's even harder for international students for exactly the reason you mention –  at the time of wrting a government-imposed quota means we can only take fourteen Medicine students in your position, classified as international students for fees purposes.

    You can visit the admissions statistics page of the Oxford website to see the actual numbers, but since they're small for any given country in any given year, it's probably quicker just to say –  it is realistic to give it a shot, but sensible to recognise that it's a long shot too! Good luck, and do speak to our undergraduate admissions office if you'd like more specific advice.

  6. Joshua Pelayo

    Hi. Im a Grade 9 student and Im from Philippines. May i ask, Which course are more in demand?? Medicine, Chemical Engineering, or Chemistry? Do you have a specialization in Orthopedic Surgeon for Medicine? Because I felt such curiosity and a little bit nervous on what course will i choose. How can i enroll in Oxford even Im too far?? I want to be an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Chemical Engineer someday. Does the competition for this two courses are difficult?? Thank you for your kind consideration. Hope that you receive this message and please reply back. God B.ess.

  7. habboubi ines

    hello! +University of Oxford   i wish i know how shall i enter to the medical university of oxford i wanna know the wanted qualifications to be accepted to study medicine, i'm enthusiastic to know everything about medicine in this university and the minimum degree wanted to be accepted. i will complete my secondary school studying soon.. so i must plan my future from now.
    and thank you.

  8. antoon samir yossif

    hi .. i'm Egyptian medical student in the third year … i want to continue my study at oxford or start from the beginning but i can't afford the courses … is there any scholarships for person like me … and what are the steps ?!

  9. Matt Fail

    How much do GCSE grades effect getting a place . I ask this question as I feel my results for gcses will be 4A* and 5A. I go to a good state school. Should I not bother applying as I plan to do well at A level but will my gcse grades hold me back.

  10. Hydeman

    Hello. I'm a gap year applicant and am currently awaiting my final A-level results. I have a feeling that I will miss the A*AA requirement by one grade. Is it advisable for me to forgo applying to Oxford? Thanks in advance.

  11. tajin hasnat

    hi I am. from Bangladesh and I am completing MBBS from renowned medical college Dhaka medical college.can I post graduate from oxford university what should i do what r the chances I inform do u have email address

  12. Medical Student

    Is there a way in order to transfer?
    I am currently studying at the university of Imperial; however, it's not quite my passion to study here, despite being a excessively brilliant university.

  13. Genghis

    Just out of curiosity, how many Australian undergraduate students have Oxford accepted in 2015 or other years? Would it also be possible for you to say what the ATAR cutoff was for the students who were accepted from Australia? Thanks.

  14. Swindler Go

    Hi there ???????? study of Medicine not seem good for me cause it very difficult ???? and I'm in second year in medicine colleague but there is boring ???? thing like anatomy,,, histology,,, but I love bio,, physiology….. can u help me by tell me how l can be interested in this object ????????????

  15. RakeshAkash

    I'm studying my final year in high school and next year i'd like to study medicine. I'm a South African and wish to study in Oxford.. What am i suppose to do in order to get into Oxford, or is there any chance at all ? +University of Oxford , could you please tell me the procedures and what sorts of marks i should get to be able to apply , as well as other factors that i need to take into consideration.

  16. Yasmin Peregrino-Taiwo

    Hi! I'm British and currently doing A Levels in chemistry biology and maths.
    Unfortunately, I do not have gcse grades or equivalent as I was in another country during that time in my education. Is there still hope for me if I get the expected predicted grades and pass the BMAT? Thank you

  17. Nada Elsheimy

    Salam (peace) .i have a question please .how can an Egyptian student apply to oxford and how it is possible to be accepted > i mean what are the qualifications ?? are there scholarships for international student to study medicine ? thanks .i hope i get answers for my questions

  18. Kana Vijay

    Medicine is super systems engineering and the doctors are systems engineers.A cardiologist is a specialist in cardiovascular system and neurologists are specialists in neural systems for instance.

  19. aish g.

    Do a student who has graduated from high school is allegible for the first part course or is there any other course you need to complete before?

  20. Julio César Lozano Garnica

    Hello, I have a question, and I would like to know how is the system of admissions to a Mexican, if I can study for a degree with full scholarship, and obviously the requirements to enter medical school, in advance thanks for taking my comment and give me the necessary help

  21. Nomin Bold

    I've heard that it is truly complicated to get accepted into Cambridge or Oxford or etc as an international student, especially as a medical student. Is it true? Does it matter which major or minor I choose?

  22. Reyhaneh Dobbash

    how important is the gcse results? I'm almost done with my exam. To be honest I didn't take these examinations as serious as I could've been . I still believe that I will get good grades but that's As and A*s and 1 or 2 Bs … if you got such results in gcse and in A level you studied harder so got hight results (3A*s) does your chance of being accepted decreases because of your gcse results

  23. Sayon Bhattacharya

    I am an Indian student of 12th grade…I want to study medicine at oxford….but is it really nearly impossible to secure a place for international students…. keeping in view my achievement of gold medal at international science Olympiad ……please help me….

  24. Katarina Vujic

    I went to Medical High School and I know anatomy very well expecially Human musculoskeletal system and I love medicine. But I am from Balkan and can I and how can I apply to your University ?

  25. Pulkit Biyani

    My IGCSE grades were mediocre .. A's and B's .. I am in A levels right now and planning to take a gap year , so I would apply next year . I plan on to do some social activities after A2. What are your recommendations about it ?


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