Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University

Want to know more about studying at Oxford University? Watch this short film to hear tutors and students talk about this undergraduate degree. For more information on this course, please visit our website at

Notes on how to prepare are here:

21 thoughts on “Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University

  1. Irene Gracia

    Hi Oxford
    I'd like to prepare for the TSA, and it's the essay I'm most worried about. Since there are no sample essays available, I really don't know which resources to draw on. Have you got any example or tutorial on how to write a compelling essay? About timing: how long in advance should we start preparing? And something else: though I'm cognizant that the maximum is 1200 words, what's the average candidates usually write?
    Thank you in advance!

  2. University of Oxford

    In response to Irene Gracia's question on the TSA: you can find sample papers on the Admissions Testing Service website (, but we do not provide sample answers. Your essay should be your own work, and although practising writing essays like this is useful, not least to get used to the timings, there is no prescribed format or style that you need to follow. If you take essay-writing subjects at school, you will already be familiar with good essay writing practice, but you can always speak to a teacher for advice if you are worried. Similarly with length — there is no prescribed word count. You should write the essay to the best of your ability, expressing your ideas clearly and concisely.

  3. Nor Anisa

    if i want to master degree in oxford i mean scholarship , am i prepare my GPA of bachelor ? and toefl or ielts,gra ? what the terms accepted ? my achievment : i won 3 champion leadership speech in my university , and my experience is journalis and members of debate community , and my talent fashion ilustration , my major of bachelor is international relation , i'm interest with PPE ? so how i can accepted ?

  4. bardock men

    mmmmm i would like to sutdy politics in oxford so i can turn around my country 360 degress, its full of corruption and there is a lack of interest in educating people but i don`t know if a would be accepted in that house of studies :(

  5. Pulkit Biyani

    I have done maths , physics , chemistry and English at A levels … Can I still apply for this course? I have recently developed an interest in politics and economics … Also, I have done economics at IGCSE

  6. Behnam S.A

    i'm from iran. i have a BA in civil engineering . but my real interest was always politics,history,economics,philosophy,geography and study of different religions .
    since i entered the university i start reading books about ancient persia , and then i turned to read about civilizations and religions. and until now i cannot be indifferent about politics as i check news everyday at my work place and read political magazines.
    i found PPE on the internet by accident and now i feel it's the right field for me and i wish i'd found it earlier.
    i wanted to ask if there is any grade requirement from high school or that is not necessary and required academic ielts and a good result in TSA will do the work.
    and will a good TSA score be of a better chance in competition to be accepted at oxford?

  7. Melina Guapa

    Hello I am a student in the first year specialization sciences economic, trade and science management and I want to get information about how to study in oxford university … thanks

  8. Ned Ludd

    Is Mathematics at A-level required? What GCSE grade would be required in order to get a place secured otherwise, or could one do a MOOC/self-taught course in the components of A-level maths?

  9. Defrialdy SY

    hi, Oxford.
    I have a big curiosity with PPE and thanks for the great video. I'll be in grade 11 and I want to prepare everything. I want to ask about the curriculum/background of the student/applicant. because my school is using A Beka, do I have to take A-level or IB diploma? or can I take SAT without A-level or IB diploma?. thanks☺

  10. Atiqah Lott

    How is the admission for postgraduate programs in ppe being evaluated for international students especially from commonwealth countries? (to be exact, from Malaysia)

  11. madara senju

    I'm currently in year 11 and I wish to study economics at Oxford then proceed on to do business and become an investment banker. For my A-levels I plan to study: business, economics, maths, government and politics and hopefully law if I can convince my school to teach it. Do you have any advice that can amplify my chance of getting into Oxford. I wanted to join a business, politics or economics club, however, there seems to be none for my age group. Therefore I hope to start a club for those topics, will this help?


  12. bobleow15

    I think this might be a stupid question but I felt that here is the best platform where I can ask it. My question is: Does the economics portion of PPE, equips its students with the skills required for becoming a trade investor, stock trader or the trading/investment industry at large?

    I have asked this because philosophy and politics are my interests, however, I aiming to find a job in the trading/investment industry.

  13. Alex A.

    Hello, I have a question:

    Is it possible to transfer from an another university in order to attend this program (PPE) even with really good first term results? If not, would have been enrolled in an another university while applying would lower my chances for a first year entry? I'm studying economics, politics and I read lots of philosophy books.

    Kind regards.


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